Vegan Diet

Vegan diet is the easiest and tremendous way of loosing weight.It includes the vegetarian foods,but some of the vegetarian foods are not included in vegan diet.For maintaining weight and proper digestive system,vegan diet is considered the best.Today’s world is moving from non vegetarian to vegetarian diet,but also some are shifting towards the vegan diet.

Vegan Diet


Many times, difference between vegan and vegetarian confuses the person and are generally considered the same.But the difference is not difficult to understand.Vegan diet includes the food items and recipes which are derived only from plants.

The items extracted from animals are not included under vegan diet,including milk.Things not to be taken while vegan are milk,meat,honey,curd,sea food,mutton,butter etc.Vegan diet includes plant based food items like vegetables,fruit, dry fruits etc.

Vegetarian diet includes vegetables,fruits,dry fruits along with milk and dairy products and sometimes even egg.

Another thing which highly discriminates the vegans from vegetarian is the non-fertilized vegetables and fruits used by vegans.During vegan diet,only organic fruits and vegetables are consumed.


Vegans are one of the types of vegetarians.Yes,a vegetarian diet is basically divided into 4 types and vegan diet is one of them.Here are the types of vegetarian diet-

1)LACTO-OVO VEGETARIAN-A Lacto vegetarian diet includes plant based foods along with honey,dairy products,eggs and excludes every sort of meat,sea food,poultry flesh etc.Lacto means milk and ovo means eggs.This is the most common form vegetarians found.

2)LACTO VEGETARIAN-A lacto vegetarian diet includes plant based food and dairy products,honey and excludes meat,poultry flesh,sea food,eggs and any other food items made of eggs.

3)OVO VEGETARIAN-It includes plant based food along with eggs and food items made with eggs and exclude meat,poultry,sea food and dairy products including butter,cheese,milk etc.

4)VEGAN-All types of animal flesh and food items obtained by animals are strictly excluded in the diet like eggs,milk,honey.Intake of plant based items like vegetables,fruits,lentils and nuts is allowed in vegan diet.

Generally being a vegan is a healthy aspect but when you go vegan,some of the nutritious food items and nutrients get lacked.Vitamin B12 and other healthy food fats are lesser in vegan diet.Due to this disadvantage,some people prefer taking supplements of such nutrients.But before going for such supplements,you should always consult your dietitian.

Vegan diet


If you are also thinking of adopting veganism,then before doing that you should conduct proper research or consult a dietitian.Just like any other diet plan,vegan diet also has its pros and cons.Every body type is different,so you should always have an idea about how your body will respond to vegan diet.Some of the general changes or effects your body will experience are-

1)You may have a disturbed taste buds due to which you may feel the food don’t taste the way,they used to.This is because of the dropped level of zinc in your body which affect your overall sense of taste and smell.

2)As our body gets most of its calcium content from dairy products,the calcium level of body may drop,due to which your joints may suffer.But you can combat with this by boosting your intake of broccoli and other leafy green vegetables.

3)A healthy weight loss is the most positive result being a vegan.About 10 pounds can be easily shredded over a 10 month period.

4)Initially you may feel lack of energy and always be tired.

5)Vegan diet results in healthy decrease in cholesterol level,heart disease risks and blood pressure.

6)Due to the absence of meat in your diet it will be hard enough for you to get proper amount of protein, vitamin B12 and iron for your body.These help in production of red blood cells and transportation of oxygen throughout the body.


Simply eliminating all animal products including dairy products and eggs from your diet is called moving towards the veganism.Vegan diet is significantly able to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

    • The first thing you need before adopting the vegan diet is the positive mind set.Just forget about the things you have heard about vegan diet being expensive,with less nutrients and being tasteless.But in reality,eating this way is really nutritious,delicious and wholesome at the same time.Love your food and the food will love you back by providing you a healthy mechanism.As it gets into your habit with time,it becomes somehow easy for you.
    • As animal based products are high in protein,so make sure that you replace them with a proper and correct alternative.
    • You should only use unprocessed whole foods.Completely avoid packaged food items.
    • If you are a person having any sort of medical complication or you are somehow immune compromised ,you should always consult your doctor before you begin your vegan diet.
    • Add lentils and beans and other protein and carbohydrate sources slowly to your diet.Some people start from nothing and have extra amount of protein and carbs daily and face the problem of indigestion and gas.It is just because your body is not in a habit of having extra amount of protein and carbs and is trying to adjust and work with it.So,add it in your diet slowly and gradually increase the amount.
    • Don’t think about the things you are reducing from your diet like meat and dairy products.Instead,think of the products you can add which will automatically replace and cover your nutrients.Think of having more fruits,more nuts,more vegetables,lentils etc.
    • It is very much common and natural that when you go vegan,the diet is not able to provide you the calorie amount which meat and dairy products can provide.Hence,try to understand your hunger and have something from your vegan food.It might take some time for your body to adjust but it will find its balance with time

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