We know that liver is the most important organ as far as the process of digestion is concerned.It performs many other jobs also,so keeping an eye on our liver and maintaining it should be our primary responsibility. There are so many food items that have the capability to cleanse the liver.


Liver is the power house organ.It performs a variety of essential tasks like producing proteins,cholesterol and bile juice.Cholesterol in body comes from the food we eat,but 75% of the cholesterol is produced by liver.Also,it performs the task to store vitamins,minerals and carbohydrates as glycogen,so that when needed,glycogen is broke down and body gets sufficient amount of glucose.

Beetroot is a source nitrate and antioxidant-Betalains.These anti oxidants are beneficial for heart and reduce oxidative damage and inflammation.The studies on beetroots proved that it is helpful in liver health optimization.Studies on rats were conducted which proved that beetroot helps to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation in liver.It increases natural detoxification enzymes,and this increament results in reduction of liver’s damage process.

Many beneficial effects of beetroot have been observed in animal studies.But still more studies are needed for understanding the particular liver aspects in human.

We all eat beetroot in different ways but it is also important to understand its actual benefits.Beetroot is highly important for us,both intact or as a juice.

*It eliminates toxins like alcohol,medication’s by product of metabolism.

*The fiber and the antioxidants present in beetroot help to flush out the toxic substances from the body,keeping digestive health at optimum level.

*Studies have shown that beetroots boost the overall stamina of the body too.

*The minerals in beetroot as boron,copper and magnesium help bones development and boost bone metabolism.

*Keeping your liver in good shape is important for maintaining good health.Beetroot can be a good option for maintaining the health of liver.Presence of calcium,vitamins,iron and antioxidants makes beetroot healthy for liver.

*Regular consumption of beetroot has been found to improve digestion and overall blood quality.

*Beetroot are considered to be good foe eyes too.Beta-Carotene,which is present in form of vitamin A,helps prevent cataracts.

*Beetroots are good source of iron,an essential component of RBC’s.People who have low iron levels in body are likely to develop a condition called iron deficiency,Anemia.Food items rich in iron help to reduce risk for Anemia.

*Being a high source of vitamin C,it helps you in boosting your overall immune system.

*Beetroots contain significant amount of boron,which helps boost the production of sexual hormones.

*Beetroot juice helps in lowering blood pressure levels,because of presence of nitrate in beetroot.The body converts these nitrates into nitric oxide and in the process the blood vessels expand.This helps in lowering the blood pressure which reduces the risk of heart ailments or a stroke.

*High fiber  present in beetroot help in proper digestion.

* As high in antioxidants and vitamin C,beetroots are a natural way to ensure the glow on your skin.

*T hey are low in calories and high in water content .Also,they have a good amount of nutrients and fibers.Hence,beetroot juice is often suggested in detox diets.

*Beetroot juice contains anti-inflammatory compounds called Betalains.These betalains inhibit specific signaling path ways that play a role in inflammatory diseases.

Hence try to include beetroot in your daily diet.

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