benefits of turmeric

There are chances that you have heard turmeric as an anti-inflammatory powerhouse,but this article will let you know more about its magical benefits that will provide you and your body a healthy and easy working.

benefits of turmeric

Turmeric in India,is not only a spice but adds a colour in tradition and culture of India.Due to its surprising benefits,it is not only limited to kitchen shelves.It can be used as medicine for removing various types of infections,heart diseases,throat,teeth,joint pain.Not only in India,it is equally used in other eastern countries.

Turmeric is a spice having a golden bright yellow colour.It can be consumed dry or fresh,in powdered or in root form.It has a mild distinct fragrance and adds colour,depth and earthiness to the food.It tastes like ginger with a flavor of pepper.

The curcumin content of turmeric makes it anti-inflammatory in nature.One tablespoon of ground turmeric contains 200 mg of curcumin.Curcumin in turmeric,shows major results for reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Turmeric is a major part of medicinal world and completes most of the Ayurvedic medicines,Unani medicines,Siddha medicines and Traditional Chinese.

benefits of turmeric


1)JOINT PAIN-Anti oxidant present in turmeric kill the free radicals so that these free radicals do not harm the body cells.

2)DIABETES-Controls diabetes and improves the effectiveness of medicines you take.But intake of turmeric along with medicines could reduce your blood sugar level,more than needed.Hence,consult a doctor,before you go for it,for managing blood sugar levels.

3)THROAT-During winters,the most challenging things we face is throat infection.Believe me,daily just a pinch of turmeric can treat or keep you away from throat infections.Also,using fresh turmeric roots can easily treat chronic tonsillitis problems.

4)WOUNDS-For treating wounds or burns,turmeric can be directly applied on the wounds and along with this,intake of turmeric with milk makes it more effective.This is one of the most ancient and effective use of turmeric where normal cuts and wounds are treated by turmeric.Its anti bacterial and anti viral property makes turmeric as the best medicine to cure it.

5)MAINTAINING CHOLESTEROL LEVEL-Turmeric tends to reduce the cholesterol level in arteries.The regular use of turmeric controls and manages the cholesterol level.

6)DIGESTION-Turmeric has such elements that helps gall bladder in bile production.This Bile is helpful in digestion of food properly.But avoid intake of turmeric if you suffer from any disease related to gal bladder.

7)TEETH AND GUMS-For stronger,shinier and whiter teeth,turmeric can do magic.In fact,this is the most easiest way to get benefited from turmeric.Just mix a pinch of turmeric,rock salt and mustard oil and make a paste of it.After this,apply this paste on your teeth with the help of regular toothbrush.Bad breath can be treated just by massaging this paste,2-3 minutes on gums after brushing.

8)SKIN-Turmeric is the most versatile spice of India.Not only in kitchen,turmeric has been a important part of wedding rituals.The “haldi” ritual on the wedding day ensures the glowy skin of bride or groom.A simple turmeric mask can add quality and glow to your skin and cut your expensive cosmetic expenses.Turmeric having anti oxidant and anti inflammatory property,heals  the skin and brings out the natural glow.Turmeric is naturally rich in Glutathione,which is able to reduce skin melanin levels and automatically promote fairness.

9)IMMUNITY BOOSTER-A stronger immune system results in lesser infections and diseases.Turmeric is one of the best remedy to built strong immunity in body,as it is anti viral,anti bacterial and anti fungal.

10)BRAIN FUNCTIONING-Turmeric helps to provide proper amount of oxygen to brain for its proper functioning.It can also cure memory loss problems.

11)HAIR-Pre mature hair loss or dandruff,the curcumin content of turmeric is able to strengthen the hair follicles and cure the hair problems.Curcumin also improves blood circulation.

12)KILLS PROSTATE CANCER-Prostate cancer among men can be prevented and cured by turmeric.Regular intake of turmeric prevents prostate cancer.Also,if someone is already suffering from prostate cancer,it can control the further process of multiplying cancer cells and destroy the cancer cells.

13)LIVER DETOXIFIER-Turmeric is helpful in production of enzymes formed by liver that are responsible for extracting toxic elements from blood.Hence,acts as a natural blood purifier and liver detoxifier.

Turmeric is rich in anti oxidants,anti bacterial,anti viral,anti inflammatory and anti fungal which makes it best for treating most of the diseases.It also contains Vitamin C,E,K,protein,dietary fiber,potassium ,calcium,iron,copper,zinc and magnesium.That’s why turmeric is considered as QUEEN OF SPICES.Some of the other benefits of turmeric are-

*Natural pain killer

*Weight management

*Reduces bad cholesterol

*Anti ageing

*Strengthens the arteries

*Anti microbial properties

*Controls blood sugar level

*Treatment of arthritis

*Treats Alzheimer’s

*Anti Depression

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