Ectopic Pregnancy

Hey!! Have questions regarding Ectopic Pregnancy?So,here is the article solving all the confusions about ectopic pregnancy usually asked.There are several questions regarding ectopic pregnancy related to its causes,symptoms,preventions and cure.Another common question that occurs is the chances of getting pregnant again after suffering from ectopic pregnancy.Also,will it be cured by medication or surgery is the only solution for this?All these question’s answers are going to be covered in this article,so without any further delay,let’s jump into it.

Ectopic Pregnancy


In normal situation,after fertilization the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterus.But ectopic pregnancy,is a situation where the fertilized egg is attached at some other place.This other place could be anywhere in the abdomen like in intestine,ovaries,cervix,fallopian tube.Most of the time it is fallopian tube where the fertilized egg gets sticks and starts developing there.The ectopic pregnancy that occurs in fallopian tube is called Tubal Pregnancy,which is the most common type of ectopic pregnancy.As we know,the fertilized egg can only grow only inside the uterus because nature has provided uterus the capabilities to carry a baby for 9 months.All the other places where baby gets attached will not provide the suitable environment to grow for the embryo,and also put the mother carrying the fertilized egg in difficulty.

For a normal pregnancy,male sperm and female egg meet in fallopian tube where the female egg gets fertilized by the male sperm.After 2-3 days the fertilized egg shifts from fallopian tube to uterus and gets attached.But in ectopic pregnancy,the fertilized egg is unable to move towards uterus and sticks to the fallopian tube.As we know,fallopian tube is very much thin and is not able to provide the suitable environment for the baby to grow.On the other hand,uterus has the capacity and elasticity to increase with the growth of baby.But fallopian tube does not has such properties and may burst out.Due to this major bleeding occurs and a case of emergency appears.


In most of the cases the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are the same as the normal pregnancy.You will get the pregnancy test positive,with primary pregnancy symptoms like nausea,vomiting,weakness etc.These symptoms will be similar to the normal pregnancy ,due to the fact that you are actually pregnant.But the complication arises as the pregnancy is ectopic one.

The only difference in the symptoms will be the pain you will be experiencing on the side where the fertilized egg is attached in the fallopian tube.The fallopian tube will get pressurized with the growth of baby and you will feel discomfort.Fallopian tube as is not capable of carrying a baby for 9 months and provide proper nutrition and environment to it.It is not able to adjust and cope up with the pressure exerted by the growing embryo,due to which you feel one sided pain and after sometime the fallopian tube gets ruptured and with that vaginal bleeding and pain occur simultaneously.

The ruptured fallopian tube may result in damaging other maternal structures and organs Also shock and heavy bleeding may occur.Due to decreased level of blood pressure,you may faint also.


As we know,ectopic pregnancy occurs due to transportation problem of fertilized egg through fallopian tube.Cilia(hair like structure) inside the fallopian tube are responsible for carrying the fertilized egg towards the uterus.Reduction in cilia restrict the movement of the fertilized egg and hence the egg gets implanted in the fallopian tube.

Woman suffering from PID  has the chances of having ectopic pregnancy.PID refers to Pelvic inflammatory disease.It is basically a infection in female reproductive system transmitted sexually.

Inflammation or scarring in fallopian tube due to any sort of past abdominal surgery,may cause the problem of ectopic surgery.

Another reason could be any birth defects in reproductive system or fallopian tube or abnormal tube shape by birth.

If the consumption of alcohol,tobacco,caffeine is regular or increased in your body,the chances of having ectopic pregnancy become higher.

One rarest reason for having ectopic pregnancy could be IUCD or copper T installed in uterus.But this is the rarest condition.

In all the above mentioned reasons the core problem for the ectopic pregnancy is the restriction of fertilized egg in its movement to uterus,due to which it gets sticks to fallopian tube or other abdominal organs of body.


The very common problem that arises after ectopic pregnancy is the chances of getting pregnant again.And the answer is Yes.As after surgery there is one fallopian tube still left,which can equally provide the path to fertilized egg,to get attached in uterus.This fallopian tube will provide the same features as the other one.

But the time you take to get pregnant or get conceived will be doubled.In normal condition,the egg released by the ovaries passes through two the fallopian tubes alternatively which means,if this month the path of egg will be from right side,the other month will be from left side and this pattern goes on.When there is only one fallopian tube,the month when the egg will pass through the dissected fallopian tube,will not lead to pregnancy.But the month when the egg will pass through the other fallopian tube with no complications,will lead to pregnancy.Hence the time to get pregnant gets doubled.The turn of getting pregnant will be in alternate months.But you can conceive normally,being all the other things normal inside you,which means you don’t have any other issue regarding your pregnancy.


Ectopic pregnancy as at first seems to be a normal pregnancy,but as the time passes you may experience the pain in lower abdominal area.Here,a normal pregnancy test or urine pregnancy test is recommended for confirming the pregnancy.

Further when the pregnancy report comes positive,the level of HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin)is checked in the blood.In normal pregnancy,this HCG level doubles itself in every two days and this continues till 10th week of pregnancy.If HCG level in blood is lower than the expected,according to the stage of your pregnancy,it may be diagnosed as ectopic pregnancy.

A pelvic area examination is performed to diagnose the area causing pain.

Lastly,the doctor will suggest for ultrasound to know the exact location of featus,whether in fallopian tube or any other abdominal area.


The treatment for ectopic pregnancy depends upon the stage of pregnancy,the place where embryo is attached and such other aspects.

1)METHOTREXATE  injections could be given to dissolve cell growth and pregnancy.

2)LAPROSCOPIC SURGERY –This is a key hole surgery that may be performed under anesthetic.

3)OPEN SURGERY-In case fallopian tube is ruptured,open surgery is required.During surgery,the best recommendation by the doctor is to remove the effected fallopian tube permanently,so that it may further does not damages the other organs,reducing the chance for you to get pregnant.

AFTER ECTOPIC PREGNANCY-You will have to continue with regular blood tests to determine whether the blood HCG level is going down or not.It is repeated until the hormone is no longer present in the blood.

Hope you got the answers of your doubts related to ectopic pregnancy.Comment down below,and share your experience about how do you like it.Thank You!!

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