eight month of pregnancy

Eighth month of pregnancy includes 31st-35th week of pregnancy.This is the 2nd month of third trimester of your pregnancy.This month of pregnancy is going to be very much important as your baby will gain weight at much faster rate and mother will also experience some changes in her body.At this time you should not only take care of your baby and you,but also avoid premature delivery and do things that may encourage and prepare your body for normal delivery.This is the time when you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically both, for the delivery.This article is going to include all the information related to the 8th month of pregnancy.

eight month of pregnancy

GROWTH OF BABY                                                         

As this is the last stage of development of baby,till now,nervous system of baby will be fully developed which means the coordination of his brain and rest of the body is fully developed and maintained.

Lungs of the baby are not fully but much developed so as in case baby is delivered premature,the baby could survive.

By the end of this month,mother’s will experience less baby movements as your baby is now the size of your uterus and the amniotic fluid in uterus is also less.So,due to less space in uterus,the baby is unable to move freely but his hands and legs movements will be strong and felt easily which means the punch and kick of baby will be felt frequently by the mother.

As told before,the weight of your baby is going to increase tremendously this month.Till now your baby is of approx 1 kg but by the end of this month,your baby will be of 2-2.5 kgs.The baby’s weight on 8th month may vary from baby to baby.Some babies may have up to 3 kgs of weight till the end of 8th month.This variation of weight depends on many factors like amount of amniotic fluid,placenta,physical activities of mother etc.Babies weight is nothing to worry about at this time as babies gain weight after delivery by proper care.



Due to increased size of your tummy,you may have problem in your sleeping position that means you may feel discomfort while sleeping or you may have problem of sleeplessness,uneasiness,acidity,nausea or you may feel like vomiting sometimes.

Breathing problem in mother may increase due to increasing size of baby which occurs due to the pressure exerted by the baby weight on lungs and diaphragm.Lungs contract and you may feel difficulty in breathing.But your baby in the womb remains safe and breathlessness causes no harm to your baby.This breathlessness increases usually when you sleep or you are extra active at your work.For some relief you can keep a pillow at your back and take deep breath.

By the end of this month,you may feel your baby bump in lower abdomen or somewhere down position than the regular position.Earlier till now,your baby bump was near your lungs and diaphragm,but now as the time of delivery is near,the baby fits in the pelvis canal that’s why now the baby will be felt somewhere in lower portion of your stomach.

Frequent urination is the problem that is faced by the mother till the end of pregnancy.This problem increase with and due to the increasing growth and weight of baby.The uterus is pressurized to the level that a small amount of urine passes even when you sneeze,cough or laugh loudly.With any sort of internal pressure,a small amount of urine passes,which is very common during pregnancy.

Braxton hicks contractions may be felt by the mother,where false or fake labor pains may be experienced,through which uterus prepares itself for delivery.Your stomach gets tighter and gets back to normal.This false pain will be for 1-1 ½ minutes and in an hour may be experienced for approx 4 times.But if this pain is followed by vaginal bleeding or vaginal watery discharge or the pain lasts long,you should immediately consult the doctor.

There may be itching in your stomach area and rest of the body because of hormonal changes happening in your body or due to dryness.For this,you should moisturize your body properly and regularly.

Continuous backache may be felt by the mother due to the increasing weight of baby and pressure exerted on spines.Light exercises and stretching will be effective for such backache.

Weight of mother would have increased by 10-12 kgs till now.

Proper care of breast must be taken so that there is no infection in breasts and proper amount of milk is available for the baby.You should massage your breast with light hands by the tips of your fingers  for better blood circulation and proper milk production.

Constipation is also one of the common during whole pregnancy which may further lead to piles.Also,heartburn and acidity are other problems that arise due to constipation.


With the increasing growth,your baby needs more nutrients for further growth.So it is more necessary to have proper diet now and take proper care of it.

Have proper  small and frequent meals.Avoid having large meals at a time.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables having proper amount of fiber,to reduce the problem of constipation.

Avoid tea,coffee and chocolates as they contain caffeine and are harmful for the baby and may increase your acidity.

Avoid oily and spicy food.Try to keep your food simple,less oily and with no spice and more healthy.

Unpasteurized milk,raw meat and egg are harmful in pregnancy as you may have food poisoning.

 flexible and it will be easy for you to deliver your baby normally.

Avoid drinking and smoking.

Do breathing exercises,meditation to keep yourself calm,maintain correct body postures,avoid standing for long duration.Also,do stretching so that your body becomes flexible for delivery.

Add vitamins and minerals,iron,calcium to your diet.Try to maintain your hemoglobin to a level of 12 so that there is no complications during delivery,whether normal or cesarean.

Proper blood pressure checks,sugar check,hemoglobin,fetal growth monitoring ,fetal heart monitoring should be done by the doctors,as in the last time of pregnancy,some complications may occur.

Sudden swelling,water break,headache,dizziness etc are the symptoms at this month on which you should consult your doctor immediately.

You should be active enough unless and until you don’t have any medical conditions.

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