apple cider Vinegar


Vinegar basically is a acetic acid solution.It includes the process of fermentation where yeast and bacteria are added to some foods containing carbohydrates.These carbohydrate containing foods act as a base for fermentation.These foods can be apple,potato,melons,berries,pear,whey,malt,maple syrup etc.

The carbohydrates in these food items is mixed with yeast.With the addition of yeast the process of fermentation starts and as a result,alcohol is produced.The micro organisms turn the sugar into alcohol.

apple cider vinegar

The next step is to add bacteria i.e. Acetobacter to this alcohol which turns it into acetic acid and this acetic acid is commonly known as vinegar.In short,the combination of yeast,carbohydrates and Acetobacter bacteria,results into vinegar or acetic acid.

Many people like to  use natural,non toxic apple cider vinegar as home remedy for various ailments,because it has many benefits for some conditions.Hippocrates used vinegar to fight infection,cough treatment and wounds.It has proven health benefits from centuries.


Apple cider vinegar is fermented product that contains probiotic like Lactobacillus.Probiotic are very much important for good health of intestine.It must remain in pasteurized form for these micro organisms to survive.In addition to probiotic,it also contains prebiotic as Pectin,which is a soluble fiber found in fruits.So,apple cider vinegar has a combination of probiotics and prebiotics,which is very much good for intestinal health.


In diabetes,apple cider vinegar reduces the blood sugar level and improves HBA1c level.If used with meals along with salad,the blood sugar management of body gets better.It lowers the insulin level and puts you at a risk for insulin resistance,due to which metabolic syndrome occurs and all the risk of having type 2 diabetes.If you are non diabetic stage,the usage of apple cider vinegar will surely help you fight the onset of diabetes.


Apple cider vinegar does whiten and brighten your teeth,but at a price.Vinegar is acidic so it erodes enamel of teeth.Regular erosion of enamel leads to chronic erosion and ultimately damages your teeth.No doubt,it whitens your teeth as it is acidic in nature,but regular usage may damage the teeth permanently.It is better to consult your doctor for your yellow teeth.


According to studies,when taken in moderate amount,apple cider vinegar is helpful in reducing weight.Overweight persons(adults) should drink 1-2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in diluted form.Not only overall weight,apple cider vinegar is capable of reducing belly fat also.If you are interested in shredding your extra weight,apple cider vinegar can be an addition,but not the only solution,which means apple cider vinegar should be added to your weight loss routine along with good diet and exercise.


The scientific studies show that the apple cider vinegar reduces blood pressure rats but it is not sure if it works similarly in human or not,as no such studies have been conducted among humans.Researchers speculate that apple cider vinegar is able to enhance the absorption of calcium and calcium regulates the blood pressure levels in your body.So,apple cider vinegar may help you to balance the blood pressure level.


Apple cider vinegar has the capability of killing some germs.It has some antiseptic properties.Salad dressing with apple cider vinegar has ability to kill E coli,Salmonella or other organisms.Also it is not effective against all micro organisms,so do wash the salad before consuming it.


Apple cider vinegar contains antioxidant,Polyphenols that fight against free radicals.The presence of free radicals damage and chronic diseases in body.The polyphenols  in apple cider vinegar removes such free radicals.


In studies,it has shown that people who had their breakfast along with apple cider vinegar,felt more satisfied for longer duration and because of this the blood sugar level also gets controlled.


*Many people think they can get rid of haemorrhoids by putting some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and applying it to the swollen haemorrhoids,but there are no studies or researches done that can prove its efficiency.Initial sensation may be cooling and soothing but ultimately it will burn the skin and lead to ulcers.

*Many of the people who deal with the problem of dandruff believe to use vinegar on their scalp for removal of dandruff.But no scientific data suggests that apple cider vinegar helps dandruff removal in any of the way.It is a big misconception and cannot be recommended.

*Similarly,scientific studies does not prove apple cider vinegar as a remedy for lice.It is least effective for eliminating lice and inhibiting new lice eggs from hatching.

*Many people believe in treating ear infection through diluted apple cider vinegar by putting it into ears,thinking of it may help in the treatment of infection.But it may damage ear canal,burn skin,may damage ear cells.

It is a fact that too much of a good thing may turn into worst.So,the Amount and regularity of using it should be kept in mind before using it.

*Not more than 1-2 tablespoon per day should be used.

*Consuming in great amount may be harmful and cause side effects.

*It may cause irritation or erosion in Oesophagus (ulceration) and increase the level of acid in stomach.

*Tooth enamel erosion

*It may trigger reflux.

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