Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular and simple dieting plan for the ones hoping to lose weight.This type of dieting plan has main emphasis on when to eat rather than what to eat.So,it becomes easy for the one to maintain the diet under intermittent fasting and lose weight.The benefits of intermittent fasting are not limited to just weight loss but it also leads to a healthy mind,heart and a simplified lifestyle.


Intermittent fasting is simply a combination of two windows-one is the fasting window and other one is the eating window.It consists of a eating pattern which allows you to eat healthy things for some particular hours.

The simplest way to follow intermittent fasting is to have your dinner early and skip your breakfast the next day and have your lunch when the 16 hours of your fasting gets over.The next 8 hours will include the eating window,and allow you to eat but only healthy food.This is the most easiest and most popular form of intermittent fasting known as 16/8 method.

Make sure that during fasting period,no calories are added to your body.You can have black tea,green tea,lemon water,green coffee etc,but you have to avoid sugar,bullet coffee,keto coffee and cream.


During the fasting period in intermittent fasting encourages the stored glucose release in the form of energy,which results in weight loss.

 During a meal the carbohydrates in the food are broken down into glucose.This glucose is used as the energy source by the body.The excess glucose is stored by liver in the form of glycogen and in the form of fat in adipose tissue for the further use.

The time when the body is under fasting window,the liver converts the stored glycogen back into glucose for the energy supply of body.The time when the converted glycogen gets depleted,the body starts to use adipose tissues fat stored for further energy consumption.Here the fat stored is broken down into fatty acids which are further converted into ketones.

Thus if the fasting period lasts long,the stored fats are used as energy and get depleted.


Following are some benefits of intermittent fasting-

Reducing insulin levels- Intermittent fasting aims for dropping your insulin levels in body. Insulin is responsible for providing glucose to cells.Eating regularly through out the day keeps the insulin level high for most of the time providing extra glucose into the cells leading to diabetes.The fasting window during intermittent keeps the insulin levels down,hence as a result manages the diabetes levels too.

Brain health-During intermittent fasting the production of neurotrophic factors is promoted,which leads to the production and survival of neurons.It may also protect against Alzhiemer’s disease.

Healthy Heart-Intermittent fasting  may reduce the bad cholesterol,triglcerides,blood sugar and insulin levels to provide your body a healthy heart.

Cancer-Many studies have proved that intermittent fasting is able to reduce the risk of having cancer.

Blood pressure-Intermittent fasting is able to control the blood pressure levels as it provides the healthy heart at the same time.

Increased lifespan-Practicing intermittent fasting regularly is proven to provide longitivity to life.

Weight loss-And obviously weight loss is the main benefit of intermittent fasting.As when we do fasting for approx 16 hours which is a quiet long duration,the fat burning hormone Norepinephrine activates in our body,due to which the body’s metabolism rises upto 14% and results in weight loss and helps to burn the extra fat of body.


1)The 16/8 method-This includes 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of healthy eating.90% of the people doing intermittent fasting prefer this method as it is easy and simple one.

2)Stop eat stop method-This includes any of the 2 week days for fasting and rest of the 5 days for normal healthy diet.

3)The 5:2 diet method-This includes 5 days as normal healthy diet plan and any of the 2 non consecutive week days where you are allowed to have only 500-600 gms per day.

As compared to other weight loss methods,the 16/8 method is comparatively easy as we get 8-10 hours of sleep during fasting window.The only thing to manage is 8 hours of eating healthy.You can manage the time of your fasting and eating window according to your lifestyle and need.


1)Breastfeeding woman

2)Women who are planning to conceive

3)Women who are pregnant

4)The person who is already underweight

5)The person having low blood pressure

6)Person having health issues or is under medication

7)Person having diabetes other blood sugar regulation problem.

7)While undergoing through intermittent fasting,if a woman suffers from irregular or disturbed menstrual cycle,she should not continue with this and leave it immediately.

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