Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

The most awaited and important month of pregnancy for the pregnant lady has began,which is the month to enjoy the pregnancy fully,feel the baby in your stomach some more days with some extra care and obviously some of the previous problems.This is the time,where you just have to monitor things happening inside you and take proper care of yourself.As this is the final month,and you can deliver the baby anytime,the precautions and care should be at its high.The chances of delivery are high during  37th-40th week of pregnancy.This article will let you know about the final changes in your body,growth in the last month of pregnancy,final symptoms of pregnancy and some tips for the last month.

Ninth Month Of Pregnancy


As your baby is growing tremendously inside you,his weight will be around 2kg-4kg.This weight of baby varies from baby to baby,depending upon the factors like physical activities of mother,position of placenta,amniotic fluid etc.During this time,baby gains weight up to 300gm-400gm and height around 20 inches per week accordingly.

Baby’s lungs are well developed by now.Basically,your baby is fully developed and ready to come out.But the weight gain of baby will continue till the time he/she takes birth.

The fatty  white waxy or greasy layer over the baby to protect his skin,starts shedding off in amniotic fluid along with baby’s body hairs.This waxy layer over the baby’s skin is called Vernix.

The baby movements may be recorded less due to the increased weight and growth of baby,along with less space in uterus to move around.Also baby takes his position in the pelvis canal which is called head down position,where he is unable to move freely,but his kicks and punches can be easily felt by the mother with great intensity.

The bones of the baby are well developed and strong enough except the head bones.Head bones are still soft to follow the normal delivery procedure smoothly through birth canal.


This month is full of excitement and nervousness both,as it brings happiness of delivering the baby and at the same time,brings a number of problems with it.

Till the last month of pregnancy,your weight may increase from 12-14 kg.

Constipation is the problem faced by the would be mother from the first month of pregnancy,and will be available in the last month of pregnancy also,because of the increased size of baby bump.For this,avoid eating in bulk and chew food properly before swallowing it.

As the baby has taken his position in pelvis canal,the pressure exerted by the baby’s weight on the urinary bladder is more due to which you may have frequent urination which is very much common.

You will feel more effective and influential kicks of your baby,that may increase your problem while standing,sleeping,sitting etc.

Mucous discharge or white vaginal discharge normally increase during the last month of pregnancy which is very much common as it protects your baby from any foreign infection and mother from vaginal infection.

Also,thin vaginal discharge increases as uterus opening or mouth and vagina becomes soft which leads to vaginal discharge and is one of the signs of end of your pregnancy.

Sleeplessness will be at its high because of increased baby bump and reduced blood circulation in your body.For this,have a walk of ½ hr daily in the evening and take bath with lukewarm water before going to sleep.

Swelling in the body is normal until and unless it is followed by BP problems and low hemoglobin.

As your baby has moved to pelvis canal,you will not have any difficulty in breathing,like the other months of pregnancy.Your baby has shifted his position downwards due to which the pressure on your lungs and diaphragm is reduced,and the problem of breathlessness gets rid off.

Due to increased weight of baby,backache will be at its peak,so take proper care of your rest.

Lower abdominal pressure is felt by the mother for which exercises can be conducted  and proper body posture should be maintained.


During this month,mother is more involved in taking care of her unborn child,but equal care is needed to the mother also.Not only regarding your diet,but you should also take care of your position while standing,sitting,sleeping etc.A little carelessness may lead to big complication for your baby.

If you are a working woman,this is the time you should take maternity leave and keep away the tensions of your office.

You must feel the baby movements in every 2-3 hrs.As baby has shifted to pelvis canal,baby’s movements is restricted somehow,but you can clearly feel the kicks and punches of the baby.You must correlate and monitor your baby movements with time.If baby’s movement is absent for 4-6 hrs,consult your doctor immediately.

Baby’s weight will increase tremendously this month week by week.As told before also,37th-40th week is most prominent for the time of delivery.If your pregnancy crosses 40th week,you should consult your doctor ,whether you feel any labor pain or not.

If your pregnancy crosses your expected delivery date,meet your doctor at the expected delivery date so that there is no complication in delivery.This is important so that your baby doesn’t suffers any sort of infection or any other problem while delivery.

Frequent appointments from doctor should be taken atleast once in a week so that proper monitoring of baby’s  growth,mother’s BP,sugar,hemoglobin can be done to prevent any problem at the time of delivery.

Also,if you feel any of the health related issue like fever,regular headache,high BP,high sugar etc. immediately go to your doctor as the last month of pregnancy is very much crucial and important from the point of view of delivery.

Braxton hicks contractions are converted to the real labor pain.This can be understood when you feel the contractions or periods like cramping pains in every 5-7 minutes constantly for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

You may experience a sudden water break from your vagina with no labor pains or only labor pains,this is the time when you should rush to your doctor immediately.

You may sometimes feel active or feel tired.So take care of your diet so that you can feel fresh and active for longer duration.


As this is the last month,have balanced diet which includes every nutrients in proper amount and try to be active in your daily routine work so that your baby’s normal delivery becomes easier.For this you can go for morning and evening walks,do pelvis and thigh stretching light exercises like squatting,to relax your muscles.

Also,you must be mentally prepared because generally would be mothers get tensed about the pain of delivery.Meditation and deep breathing exercises will help you keep your mind relax and calm.

Calcium is essential in a proper amount,so that you don’t have any problem at the time you feed your baby.

Intake of protein will give you and your baby strength at the time of delivery.

Iron is important as it will help to maintain the proper level of hemoglobin in your body,as excessive bleeding during delivery may lead to numerous problems after delivery.

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