Hepatitis B is a very common virus,that causes damage to the liver with a slow pace and replicates by time.Hepatitis B has become more severe and dangerous virus than HIV.The main problem with this virus is that only 10% of the total infected population is aware of having hepatitis B virus.Among this 10% population also,15% are the one’s who are not aware of this virus and are not on treatment,and at the same time act as a carrier for hepatitis B.



*Blood and blood products.

*Body fluids like saliva,tear,urine,vaginal fluids,breast milk,except stool.It has a very high infection rate.

*From mother to baby while pregnancy,delivery or breast feeding.

*Any type of skin piercing with same needle.


In most of the cases there are no signs or symptoms of hepatitis B.Sometimes it happens that it enters your body and gets cleared of its own.And sometimes,the symptoms are so light and normal that you don’t feel like to give any attention and importance to it.Sometimes,it gives symptoms just like a flue.

According to science,about 50% of the adults,never experience any sort of infections.So there are chances to have infection and you don’t know it.

The incubation period of hepatitis B is between 6 weeks to 6 months,which means after getting infected the person can show symptoms between 6 weeks to 6 months.

Sometimes these symptoms remain for only some days,which comes under acute hepatitis phase.

But for some people these symptoms remain for a longer time and the disease enters the chronic phase.





*Loss of appetite

*Fever with headache

*Pain in abdomen

*Pain in joints

*Red spots on whole body along with itching

*Dark colored urine( Urticaria)

*Clayey or pale stool.

This phase of symptoms start with tiredness and ends with jaundice seen in eyes.

If you have any symptoms of Hepatitis B,first it is important to get it checked with a doctor for testing.It is also needed to check whether the jaundice from which you are suffering is because of Hepatitis B or not.

The fact is,if you are suffering from acute viral hepatitis because of hepatitis B virus,you will be healed over a period of time and the virus will get cleared itself.But in some patients,the problem continuously keeps on going and increases continuously and turns in chronic active hepatitis.This condition has capability to damage the liver permanently and there are chances of getting a severe liver disease.

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