Normal delivery

A normal delivery is the process where the baby is  delivered naturally and 90% of the pregnant ladies expect their baby to enter the world through natural process of birth.As it is a natural process,it is the best way to deliver the baby,both for the mother and baby.But some medical complications sometimes make it difficult for the mother to deliver the baby via normal or natural process.

normal delivery

For delivering the baby normally,a proper care and attention,passion to deliver the baby naturally is needed the most.90% of the role while delivery is of mother,physically and mentally both.

1)Consulting a good doctor-Always consult a good doctor who promotes you for normal delivery from the starting of your pregnancy.Also,you should be comfortable with your doctor,so that you can ask your doubts freely and clear them with your doctor.This is a very common and important tip at the same time,so that you get guided in a proper way by your doctor from the day 1 of your pregnancy.

2)Hydration level-Maintain and keep your body hydrated throughout your pregnancy.A minimum amount of 4-5 litres of water should be consumed daily during pregnancy.A hydrated body keeps the tissue hydrated and gives your muscles the strength for normal delivery,so that you are capable of bearing the pain of normal delivery easily.

3)Pelvic exercises-Pelvic exercise provides  strength and flexibility to the muscles and bones,so that at the time time of of delivery,the process b ecomes easy with less pain.Pelvic  exercise should be started from the fourth month of pregnancy.90% of the mothers are unable to bear the pain and move towards the C-Section.Hence to avoid such situation,pelvic exercises are the best option.Pelvic exercises include butterfly,squats,duck walk etc.

4)Walking-Most easiest and obvious exercise is walking.30 minutes twice a day,whenever you feel comfortable during your pregnancy you can go for walking.It is not necessary to go for it regularly,as you may sometimes feel  nausea,tiredness,back pain or any other issue related to your pregnancy.Hence it is not at all compulsory to go for walking regularly.Just be in your comfort zone and walk accordingly.The point of walking is just to be physically active,that’s it.

5)Yoga or pre natal yoga-Pre natal yoga is one the best thing you can give to your pregnancy as it is specially designed to make your body flexible for time of delivery.It improves oxygen supply throughout the body.Pre natal yoga is simple as it focuses on natural delivery from day 1.But of course,before starting this,you should consult your doctor.

6)Dates –Many of the recent studies have found that eating dates during last 4 weeks of pregnancy leads to an easy delivery with short labor period,as it contains a good amount of iron,fiber  and many other  nutrients.But in case you are suffering from high sugar levels during your pregnancy,it is not at all advisable.5-6 dates daily are more than enough.It is also helpful in removing your craving of sweet during pregnancy.Also it is only advisable to have dates only during last 4 weeks as it induces labor.So it is more safe to have dates on your last month of pregnancy.

7)Kegels-Kegel exercises are named after gynecologist Arnold Kegel.Kegel exercises can help you strengthen your pelvic muscles along with introducing you the ability to control and relax the muscles in preparation for labor and birth.Kegel helps in strengthening the the muscles that support uterus,urinary bladder and bowels.If its your first delivery,you may not exactly understand the importance and functioning of these muscles,but during delivery or at your next pregnancy,you will easily discover and understand the importance of pelvic floor muscles.

8)Breathing exercise- Breathing exercises improves the blood circulation in your body and at the same time boosts the flow of oxygen that is supplied to your baby and your body.It keeps your mind relaxed and stress free.It also ensures the waste being removed from body effectively and efficiently.

There is no need to take stress regarding the natural delivery as every pregnancy is not same.So the main focus should be to deliver the baby safely.There may be some complications from the starting or during last stage of pregnancy where your own body or the baby,does not go with the natural process of birth.So,no stress should be taken and only the pregnancy period should be enjoyed.

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