This is going extreme.Now,it’s a stage to think serious and do serious.We can’t be selfish right now.Corona,has gone very deep in the whole world,but we being Indians,the example of unity for whole world,will not let it go deeper.Just helping yourselves would not work.This the time when everyone needs everyone.

India,today is under lockdown situation,where everything is closed except the essentials.We have roof over us,food to eat and money.So lucky we are!But the people,working far from there families,don’t have proper home,shelter to stay for 21 days.Corona,is not letting them to go to there families even.Poor they!

Comparisingly,we are so lucky today,sitting with our family,can have a cup of tea.This blog is just a request to atleast do something for those people who are trapped in such situation,unwillingly.Also,the animals,specially the stray animals,there is no one in the streets to feed them.

If you can’t feed anyone,please try not to waste any food.There are many people today,surviving just by drinking water from 2-3 days.Not only they,there children are crying for food.This is the time to get reunited.There should be no Hindu Muslim,just Indians to help each other.Helping will give strength to overcome Corona.

Government also can’t do anything alone,if we as a citizens don’t support our government .Supporting each other would make us stand strong against this deadly virus.Relying only on government helpings for such people would not make much difference.Being Human should be taken seriously,not just in words.

Stay at home,stay fit,but don’t forget to help and support each other.This is the real time to show patriotism and serve your country and other human beings.Helping others must include personal or self hygiene and protection first.


An urge to help people suffering of locked down nation

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