KETO DIET-A beginner’s guide to ketogenic diet

If you ever have thought and googled about how to diet,one of the options recommended would be Keto Diet.It is a popular tool among the people which results in loosing weight.Keto diet was basically evolved during the treatment of epilepsy,where the scientists during the treatment found some factors which resulted the body experiencing the ketosis state.Ketosis State of body is a state where the body starts extracting energy from the fat intakes instead of carbohydrates.It may take 3 days to 3 weeks for the body to work under ketosis state.It takes time,as our body is not used to work under ketosis.The time to go on ketosis depends upon the how healthy or fit you are and how fit is your metabolism.Also,to avoid the problem of nutrient deficiency and malnutrition,the scientists made a proper diet which maintained the body in the ketosis state and at the same time provides the proper nutrients to the body.

Keto Diet

In normal diet plan,it is essential for you to include carbohydrates in your meal as they provide energy to your body.In keto diet,the maximum portion of your diet includes fat containing food items.In normal condition or diet,our body gets energy from carbohydrates,but in keto diet the body starts taking energy from fats.Normal diet includes 30%-40% protein,10%-15% fats and rest of the portion of diet as carbohydrates.In keto diet it is recommended to include 5% of carbohydrates,25% of protein and 70% of fats.

A keto diet is being used worldwide as a weight loss tool which is effective in weight loss in its own way.Keto diet is not only about weight loss but it also improves body’s other disorders and bring them to normal condition.For example-A diabetic patient can manage his diabetic levels through keto diet.It also provides a proper amount of energy for the whole day.

Our body from the beginning has the habit or you can say is very much professional in taking energy from the carbohydrates,but as in keto diet we intake 70% of fats and a minimal amount of carbohydrates,our body does not gets enough amount of carbs.Hence,our body is forced to take energy from fats and ultimately results in weight loss.During Ketosis or keto diet our body switches from carbs to fats for consumption of energy.It takes some time for the body to switch from carbs to fats but when it does,the initial weight loss is really fast.But remember it is just in initial or starting days after your body comes under ketosis stage.And this rapid weight loss does not continues over the whole period of keto diet.The further weight loss will be slowly.

This weight loss is not actually a weight loss,it is just a water loss and glycogen loss from your body,as your body is not getting carbs,hence the carbs stored in your body in the form of glycogen gets discharged resulting in weight loss.

The liver converts fat into fatty acids and produces ketone bodies,which replace glucose as a primary source of energy.

At the time when your body gets professional in consuming energy from fats,you will eat less,feel more energetic and fresh.If this diet is continued for long time,your body will be easily able to balance between your body fat and the fat you eat.


Keto diet is scientifically proven that it is the best plan or option to lose weight fast.And this best option is divided into 4 types.

1)STANDARD KETOGENIC DIET-It is a basic or general ratio of carbohydrates with 5%,protein with 25% and fats with 70% of diet.This includes 150gms of fat,90 gms of protein and maximum 50 gms of carbs everyday.

2)TARGETED KETO DIET-It is more popular among athletes and other persons related to sports or the ones who love to remain physically active.And due to this,under this category,keto diet allows some adjustments in carbohydrates on daily basis.This allows you to intake additional 20-30 gms of carbohydrates,immediately before and after workout..Yes!! This diet requires a great level of workout due to increased carbohydrates content.This category of keto diet include 65%-70% fat,20% of protein and 10%-15% of carbs.

3)CYCLICAL KETO DIET-A cyclical keto diet is designed to make your body,in and out of ketosis,by dividing your keto diet into keto days and off days.During off days,the person is allowed to have meal,having a comparatively higher amount of carbohydrates. These cheat keto days or off days can be for 2 days in a week.But the carbohydrates intake is with some limitations like the carbs in body should go through fruits,starchy vegetables,grains,dairy products or other healthy sources,and not from the unhealthy sources like junk foods.On keto days,the diet include Fats with 75%,protein with 20% and carbs with 5%.Off days include 25% of fat,25% of protein and 50% of carbohydrates.

4)HIGH PROTEIN KETO DIET-As it sounds,it includes a comparatively higher ratio of protein than other categories with  60% of fats,35% of protein and 5 % of carbohydrates.This may not give you the fast results as the other three types of keto diet,as protein can be used by the body as the source of energy,just like carbohydrates in normal diet.But still,slowly and steadily it is believed to give you results and hence comes under the types of keto diet.


1)WEIGHT LOSS-Keto diet or low carbs diet has proved and is very much popular among the techniques used for weight loss.It is one of the fastest weight loss method.It is able to resist our hunger which encourage us to eat less and results in weight loss.

2)EPILEPSY-Since 1920’s keto diet is being used for the treatment of Epilepsy.It is generally undertaken when two suitable medication fail to treat epilepsy.

3)DIABETES-Due to low carbohydrate content in the body,blood sugar level is not able to increase and maintain the blood sugar level at low but healthy level.

4)BRAIN HEALTH-As ketones are the best energy source for our brain,hence keto diet is very much important for brain health.It is also proven for reducing the primary symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

5)GLOWY SKIN-Higher level of insulin may damage the texture of skin and as keto diet is responsible for managing and reducing the level of insulin,hence improved the texture and other problems of skin.


1)As told before also,initial weight loss in keto diet is water weight loss,along with water your body loses electrolytes,which may lead to leg cramps.

2)As low in carbohydrates,it may cause constipation problem in initial days of diet or continue throughout the diet.To get rid of this problem,you should drink plenty of water and consume a good amount of green leafy vegetables,which contain fiber which is good for relieving constipation.

3)You may lose your muscles as the protein intake in keto diet is very much average or moderate.


Your morning should start with 2 glass of warm water early in the morning that will keep your body hydrated and boost your metabolism.

BREAKFAST-For breakfast you can have Keto omelette and bullet coffee.Keto omelette is made of broccoli,cheese and egg.For making bullet coffee boil 2 tablespoon of coffee with one cup of water.After boiling,strain the coffee and add extra virgin coconut oil,unsalted butter or ghee to it.And after this,blend all these in blender for 40-50 seconds.

LUNCH-For lunch you can go for keto palak chicken and a cup of full fat yogurt.Other options are boiled eggs,spinach soup,broccoli,fried chicken,barbeque fish,barbeque chicken,mushroom soup.

EVENING-You can have a glass of salted buttermilk,and a fruit like avocado with nuts like walnuts,almonds,sesame seeds,hazel nuts,flax seeds,pumpkin seeds,sunflower seeds.

If you don’t want to have buttermilk you can have black tea or black coffee.And if you want you can add coconut milk or cream instead of normal milk to it.

DINNER-Green vegetable salad with cheese/stir fried paneer with vegetables or cheese chicken or grilled fish accompanied with salad.

OTHER OPTIONS-These other options can shuffled according to you to eat as breakfast,lunch or dinner.These other options are chicken soup,egg bhurji,paneer bhurji,palak paneer,chicken tikka,paneer tikka,chicken tandoori.


Most of the fruits are recommended to avoid during keto diet.Some fruits that are allowed are avocado,raspberries,blackberries,lemon,tomatoes,star fruit,strawberries,watermelon.All these fruits are believed to be keto friendly fruits.

Among vegetables,green leafy veggies are best for keto diet,like broccoli,spinach,cabbage,red and green bell peppers,cucumber,zucchini,olives,lettuce.

Along with these vegetables and fruits,a protein powder with consultation of doctor should be accompanied for maintaining muscle power,as this diet may result in muscle loss also.


Beans,peas,lentils,grains,low fat dairy products,peanuts,sugar and sweeteners,beverages having sugar including cold drinks,sodas and juices,junk foods,starchy foods like potato and sweet potato and processed food items.

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  1. Green tea is a beverage like no other. It’s more environmentally friendly than coffee, has just enough caffeine for gentle stimulation, and even offers tea drinkers calming effects thanks to the natural amino acid L-theanine.

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