Hello readers!!!Hope you all will be doing  well.Today,I will let you know about the enormous benefits of Aloevera.Do you know aloevera is blessed of having such numerous beneficial features that are capable of healing almost everything.And we are more than blessed as we can get aloevera easily around us.So,without any delay,lets get started..

Aloevera(Aloe Barbadensis) or Ghritkumari is a small pricky or thorny plant,which constitutes of a watery gel type matter inside its leaves,which has a number of minerals and vitamins.Often considered as “Sanjeevani “ in ayurveda ,this magical herb can heal everything from hair fall to dull skin,Heart disease to constipation,and much more.It is full of medicinal benefits and is also known as “first aid plant”,as when there is nothing with you to aid anything,you can use aloevera as a primary medicine,to aid most of the things.



Aloevera Consists of minerals like potassium,copper,sodium,calcium,iron,magnesium and zinc along with amino acids and enzymes.

Vitamins like A,C,D,E and Vitamin B components like B1,B2,B6 and B12 and folic acid.


The fiber content in aloevera acts as a natural laxative to soothe the problems related to constipation,gas,acidity.However,if consumed in high quantity may cause dehydration also.So,the amount of aloevera juice you are consuming is also important.Aloevera can heal several digestion related disorders like poor digestion,lack of appetite,constipation etc,as it is loaded with several natural digestive strengtheners.

For its usage,rinse the aloevera leaf with cold water,cut it in half and remove the thorny part.Extract the gel from the leaf and blend it.Now take 2 tablespoon of this blended gel with a glass of water.You can also add lemon or orange juice to it,as per your taste.


According to dermatologists,Aloevera adds quality to your skin by forming a protective layer over your skin which protects the skin from pollution,dirt,sunburn and at the same time provides moisturisation to the skin.Aloevera constitutes of vitamin C and E along with antioxidants like beta-carotene which helps in boosting the overall quality of skin.

For  using it,extract aloevera gel from aloevera leaf,and simply apply it on your face giving your skin a light massage.Make sure before applying it,your face must be cleansed using face wash.Repeat this two times a day.


The Proteolytic enzymes in aloevera make it capable of solving all hair related problems including reduction in hairfall,dandruff,dry scalp.Aloevera rejuvenates the hair with its nutrients.It provides nourishment and proper moisturisation to hair and hair scalp as well.

Mix your blended aloevera gel with coconut oil and apply it on your hair scalp.Massage your scalp with finger tips gently.Leave it for 1 hour and wash your hairs with mild shampoo.


As told before,aloevera is helpful in treating constipation,it provides your body a good intestinal health,which boosts the digestion.A healthy digestive system breaks down the food properly and provides increased metabolism and excludes toxins from the body that ultimately results in weight loss.It decreases the total fat level of body.

Drinking one tablespoon of aloevera juice on an empty stomach everyday,helps a proper breakdown of food you eat,increase metabolism and reduce weight.


Intake of aloevera improves the blood glucose levels and stimulate secretion of insulin in body which is useful for managing the diabetes level.

Consuming aloevera juice with gooseberry juice(Amla) brings a lot of positive difference in increased sugar levels.


Aloevera provides a person with a healthy  by reducing the cholesterol level and improving the blood circulation.It also normalizes blood sugar and triglycerides(type of fat) in blood.

Its usage is same as in case of loosing weight.


Aloevera is used to treat inflammation of gums and oral diseases.The anti oxidants in aloevera is helpful in maintaining oral health by treating gum infections,plague and other oral issues. Due to its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties,it also eliminates cavity and fights with bacteria causing bad breath.It is very much effective in curing mouth ulcers also.

The only thing to do is just gargle with aloevera juice before swallowing it.



  • Aloevera is capable of treating anemia (lack of blood).It is a condition when our blood does not has enough Red blood cells.
  • Aloevera acts like a immunity booster and does internal cleaning.
  • Aloevera cleanses the nervous system and blood.
  • It increases the flexibility of skin and makes the texture of skin better.
  • Aloevera reduces the scars pigmentation,dark circles,wrinkles and other such problems of skin.
  • It is helpful in curing urine problems.
  • It is capable of treating cracked heels.
  • Aloevera juice is beneficial in jaundice.
  • Aloevera gel can be used as primer before applying makeup,for making the skin look fresh and make up long lasting.


After learning about the benefits of aloevera,it is also important to know about the other side of aloevera.

While consuming or applying aloevera juice or gel,always remember to be quantity conscious.Avoid consuming in more or regular basis for longer period of time.There are chances that longer and regular use of aloevera juice may have some side effects for heart patients and others.Persons with sensitive skin type should do patch test before applying,or may suffer from rashes and itching.

Also,the yellowish matter that is biologically known as Aloe latex(a bitter,yellow fluid,comes out from the leaf after cutting it from plant) consist of Aloin,which is not safe foe consumption.If used externally may cause rashes,redness,irritation and if consumed internally can cause stomach ache,loose motions,acidity,gas etc.According to the researches done,it may also lead to cancer causing germs in body.So,to avoid this yellow fluid,hang aloevera leaf after cutting from plant somewhere,for half an hour.This will make aloevera gel non toxic to use,with no side effects.

I hope you have understood both the aspects of aloevera.Comment down below and let me know how did you liked it.Have a healthy health..!!

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