Here is an article including everything about the benefits of spinach,along with its nutritional Facts.Spinach is a vegetable that is most versatile,as it can be consumed in many ways,either as vegetable or in salad or in any other recipe with spinach as a main ingredient,flavoring it.Mostly refused by children,Spinach is mostly referred to super food because of its nutritional content and benefits.It can be consumed as veggie,salad,smoothie,as a filling in a recipe or simply as raw itself.

Benefits Of Spinach

The Nutritional facts Of Spinach

Following are the basic nutritional values for 100 grams of raw spinach.

1)Carbohydrates-3.6 grams

2)Fiber-2.4 grams

3)Calories-2.3 grams

4)Protein-2.9 grams

5)Sugar-0.4 grams


Benefits Of Spinach

1)Keeps the Body oxygenated-Spinach contains iron,which boosts the functioning of RBCs in human body.RBCs carry oxygen to the body,providing proper energy and nutrients for the whole day.

2)Encourages blood clotting-For even a minor injury,blood clotting is essential,as it results into stopping of blood.Without Blood clotting,the body could end up bleeding excessively,leaving us at a risk of dying.Vitamin K content in spinach gives it a property to enhance the blood clotting in the body,when necessary.

3)Healthy Skin-The high content of nutrient in spinach like iron,folate,vitamin E,magnesium,chlorophyll and  vitamin A,makes it must for a healthy,clear,pimple and acne free skin.Anti-oxidant in spinach gives the skin a benefit to fight against common skin problems.

4)Healthy Hairs-Spinach is the first suggestion of every beauty advisor and doctor for getting a healthy,long hairs as it contains folate,vitamin A,C and iron,As it stimulates RBC’s functioning,oxygen carries throughout the body,which helps in hair growth and scalp repair.

5)Aids Digestion-Spinach contains fiber which encourages digestion by adding bulk to you stool as food passes through the intestines towards the bowels.It also helps to keep digestive track healthy.

6)Healthy Heart– For preventing Cardio Vascular diseases,it is important to include spinach in the daily diet.Anti oxidants,protein,fiber and omega 3 fatty acids contents in spinach,gives you a benefit of maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy heart.

7)Improves Immune System-Being good in Vitamin C content,spinach helps to fight against infection and viruses in the body.Even a pregnant lady is advised to eat spinach to boost her baby’s immune system.

8)During Pregnancy-Folate is a B vitamin which is essential for healthy development of infants.Spinach is one of the best source of Folate for pregnant women.It also reduces the risk of premature birth.

9)Improves Eye Sight-Anti Oxidants in Spinach play a vital role in keeping a good eye sight.Spinach can not only improve the eye sight,but also maintain it for longer.It also reduces the risk of Glaucoma.

10)Diabetes management-It contains high fiber,gives the benefit of reducing blood glucose levels and controlling type 2 diabetes.It is low in calories,which helps in maintaining proper weight which helps to keep diabetes under control.

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