Our nature has given so many good and nutritional items,if consumed in a right quantity and way,the doctor’s appointments may be reduced to a level.One such a gift of nature is WALNUTS.It is best among all the dry fruits when talked about nutritious factors and values.Walnuts work as an easy and filling snacks.They are powerhouse that provide our body with fiber,nutrients,vitamins.Walnuts can be considered as a super food as it contains high amount of nutrients and has health promoting abilities.It has properties that are essential and beneficial for your body.It is a source omega 3 fatty acid,Vitamin  E,Melatonin,Vitamins and other beneficial minerals.Being induced with such qualities,walnuts provide huge health benefits to human body.So,without exaggerating anything,lets simply jump down to know the benefits of magic nut-Walnuts.


1)Brain Development-Walnuts increase the power and functioning of brain.DHA and Omega 3 content of walnut is very much useful and important for brain development in children.Not only for children,in adults also after the age of 50-60 years,a common problem of memory loss or problem related to memory occurs .Eating walnuts in early age,will keep your memory strong.So,having walnuts is beneficial for adults also.In addition,it also controls Alzhiemer disease in adults.It is helpful in relieving mental stress.Melatonin in walnuts helps in repairing the disorder of sleep or irregular pattern of sleep.Due to the DHA content,walnuts are advised to pregnant ladies also for the proper growth and development of brain of the baby.

2)Maintaining ideal weight-Adding walnuts to your diet,helps you to get your perfect weight.Enriched with protein,walnuts increase your body metabolism that ultimately results in weight loss.4-5 walnuts daily,have the ability to keep calories in moderation.

3)Provides a healthy heart-Walnuts reduce risk of heart diseases by improving blood vessel elasticity.It also consists of amino acids and arginine which offers multiple vascular benefits to people suffering from heart diseases.Omega 3 fatty acid content in walnut provides a healthy heart to your body.It reduces bad cholesterol like LDL,triglcerides,dissolves the clotting in blood,helps to maintain cholesterol  level.Also,it reduces high blood pressure level or hypertension.It acts like a tonic for your heart.

4)Beneficial for hairs-Selenium and Biotin content of walnut tend to improve the quality of hairs,control hair fall.In fact it also controls dandruff,repairs dead hair cells and promotes hair growth.

5)Helps in digestion-Fiber content in walnuts help to reduce constipation and improve digestion.It increases the growth of good intestinal bacteria and reduces the risk of having intestinal cancer.So,it plays an important role for digestive system of your body.It promotes the overall gut health and strengthens digestive system.Walnuts,as mentioned before also,increase the formation of good bacteria in intestine and increase the nutrient uptake capacity from the food we eat.

6)Diabetes management-Mainly beneficial in type 2 diabetes,walnut intake reduces fastening of insulin production in body,hence controls diabetes level.It also reduces the sugar cravings of diabetic patient.The beneficial dietary fat in walnuts improve the metabolic parameters in body.

7)Energy booster-Walnuts help you to keep your energy level up for the whole day.This make walnuts the best pre workout food which gives you energy and its protein content helps to reduce weight.

8)Increases the sperm count and quality-Walnuts are very much effective in improving the morphology of sperms due to which its quality increases.The males having the problem of infertility,can take walnut as a medicine.It is responsible to increase the sperm count,morphology,mortality of sperms.Hence,walnut is very much effective in treating infertility.

9)High content of vitamins and minerals-Walnuts are great source of magnesium,copper,phosphorus,polyphenol antioxidants,Vitamin B6,omega 3 fatty acids,folate,fiber.Also the Vitamin A,C,E content of walnuts,act as a skin saving and enriching vitamin,which make our skin healthy and look younger naturally.These vitamins protect our skin from damage and harmful pollutants in the environment.Vitamin E in walnuts is very good for skin with anti ageing properties and prevents pigmentation,wrinkles and other ageing properties.Anti oxidants in walnuts are responsible for reducing oxidation.As a result,our skin gets protected from scars and other anti ageing problems.

10)Anti cancerous properties-Walnuts are induced with anti cancerous properties which provide your body protection from cancer causing factors.It also contains anti oxidants which keep away your body from cancer.It diminishes the chances of prostate cancer and breast cancer as well.Linolenic acid and anti oxidants in walnuts provide anti cancerous property to walnuts.

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