BIPOLAR DISORDER-Symptoms And Causes


As the name suggests,bipolar disorder is a situation where the person shows two types of behavior.Generally,it is believed that a person when sometimes feels happy and after sometimes becomes sad,is a condition of bipolar disorder.But the situation or the problem is just not limited to this.In reality,bipolar disorder is a serious mental disorder,which consists of two phases-Mania and depression.A person suffering from bipolar disorder will basically experience these phases.The patient keeps on moving around or swing between these phases.It is basically a combination or cycle of Mania and depression.It is a problem related to two different types of moods.An alteration or swing in one’s mood can be considered a bipolar disorder.The basic symptoms of bipolar disorder,are actually the symptoms of mania and depression which include over excitement in mania and sadness in depression.Now,the question here which arises is what is Mania?


MANIA-ITS SYMPTOMS-During mania phase,the patient is usually seen over exited and some may be seen extra irritated.Here,the patient keeps on planning for anything unusual,is overindulged with some work or the activity level increment will be seen in the patient.The patient is always energetic,actually extra energetic or charged along with over talkativeness.The patient will sleep less but still look fresh.The patient claims big things,like having supernatural power or has the capabilities to control the world etc. He does not completes a topic and jumps to other.Talks baseless things.Also,sometimes the person becomes aggressive and tries to harm others due to which accidental or suicidal risk arises.These symptoms should remain for atleast 7 days,then only the person will be considered suffering from mania.Plus minus of 2-3 days is also acceptable accordingly.This phase may last long for even months or a year.

DEPRESSION-ITS SYMPTOMS-The basic symptoms of depression are lack of appetite,lack of sleep,person feels hopeless,helpless,sadness,overthinking,lack of energy or weakness etc.The patient remains indulged with himself and loose interest in the activities which earlier he used to enjoy.He also loses his self confidence and is feared in confronting the outside world.For more details regarding depression click here.


An episode of bipolar disorder can be referred to a condition of mania and depression,where the person swings between the two and shows its symptoms.In simple language,when the person starts with mania and comes to depression phase,forms an episode of bipolar disorder.


There is no clear cut reason behind bipolar disorder,like in cases of infectious diseases or others.It is mostly seen that the disorder or the imbalance in the hormones,which are responsible to control and feelings,are responsible for bipolar disorder.

Another reason could be the genetic one.If in the family history,whether maternal or paternal,a person was suffering from bipolar disorder,there could be chances for you from suffering from that too.These chances increase even more if your first degree relatives or own parents suffer from this issue.As the relative degree distance increases,the chances for you having bipolar disorder gets decreased.

Also,the people who consume alcohol,drugs or smoke in large amount,have a high risk factor.


As discussed above,person with bipolar disorder keeps on swinging from mania to depression or vice versa.For some period of time,he will experience mania,after for some time may become normal and after some time may face depression.This time period could be for months. The correct diagnosis of bipolar disorder is very much important.If the patient visits his doctor during his depression phase,and the doctor does not asks about his mania phase or is not aware about his mania phase,the doctor will prescribe the patient medicines according to depression and the treatment here will go wrong as the treatment and medication of bipolar disorder and depression is very much different from each other.Hence,the doctor should properly go through the behavioral history of patient for the proper diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

The treatment of bipolar disorder is a lengthy one.At primary stage,only medication is advised rather than counseling.Some basic mood stabilizers are given to the patient.

In most of the cases,the first episode of bipolar disorder is seen between the age of 15 years to 25 years of age.It does not mean that it cannot strike you after 25 years of age,but most of the cases are found between 15-25.

It is also highly undiagnosed one,as its symptoms come and go itself and sometimes the patient becomes normal.Hence it is difficult to understand.Early diagnosis is important,as if diagnosed at first episode,the upcoming second episode can be avoided.But if diagnosed at 5th or 6th episode,the chances for the 7th episode become high.


First of all,according to the symptoms the present phase either mania or depression is analysed and according to that medication is provided.

Mood stabilizers help the patient’s mood to stabilize and maintain it to a normal level,neither towards mania nor towards depression.

During depression,along with medication if needed counseling is also performed,to boost their mental health and encourage the patient by giving him inner mental strength.

The patient should never compromise with his sleep and form his own sleeping cycle according to the sunrise.

A single day’s gap in sleep or medicine may lead to big stoke and bring back you to the previous stage.

Healthy diet is also very much important along with medicines.

Walking and cycling should also be included in lifestyle.

As the medication is prescribed for long time,the patient should be conscious and careful to take his medicines regularly on timely basis.

The adjustment of doses and medicine should always be done with the consultation of psychiatrist.

The patients suffering from other problems like diabetes,blood pressure etc,should inform there doctor about it so that he could adjust and suggest the medicines accordingly.


There are no such methods to prevent this situation.Its just following things may help you getting into it very easily.

1)Avoiding alcohol and other injurious stuffs-Intaking such a stuff,will push you more towards this situation.And if you are already under it,your situation may become from bad to worst.So avoiding the consumption of alcohol,drugs,cigarette and other similar things.

2)Keeping an eye on the warning signals-Every Patient suffering from bipolar disorder always gives certain signs of warning,through which it can be understood about the imbalance occurring in the patient’s mind.Hence,as soon as you seen some of the warning symptoms of bipolar disorder,for a longer period of time,you should immediately consult a doctor.

3)Taking the medicines on time along with proper sleep-As told before also,the medication is helpful in stabilizing the patient’s mood,but if not taken regularly,the mood stabilizers will not be able to work properly and the patient will be pulled back to the previous stage.To avoid the worst condition,this should be taken as a prevention.

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