The current situation in our country regarding China are trending the actions like Boycotting China.Boycotting any country’s product or even a country makes a huge difference and ultimately tends to loose its confidence for taking out any action.This article is going to include the reasons behind boycotting china and how.So,without any further a do,lets know more about it.

Boycotting China

Normally when such a crucial situations occur on borders due to any of the neighbor country,we prefer to sleep, thinking of the soldiers would handle it.But this time,being Indians we have the power to fight with China by boycotting Chinese products.The thing to understand here is why China is doing so.This attitude of China is not only with India but also with Taiwan,Vietnam and also Hong kong.The reason behind this is to make Chinese population unite with the dictator government.As after the evolution of COVID 19 in China,the factories are closed and unemployment has increased from 20%.This may induce the feeling of revolution in Chinese public,of which Chinese government is afraid,hence to avoid this situation,China is trying to induce the feeling of nationalism in Chinese population so that their mind is diverted and could not reform against them.

We Indians prefer Chinese products while buying to a level which adds 5 lakh crore rupees annually to their pocket.Whether it’s a mobile,toy,electronic items or garment,we prefer Chinese items because of their low prices.This annual income of China from India leads to china’s development in empowering its military forces and weapons which ultimately stands against Indian soldiers.By consuming Chinese products we are offering them to raise their power and use against us.How ridiculous!!Isn’t it?

By boycotting China,local firms and factories will get a chance to rise,create employment through which the Indian rupee will be used for the development of India.As PM Modi gave the direction of being self dependent and self reliance in every aspect,this will surely help to achieve that.

Uniting every single person and encouraging everyone to boycott Chinese items would definitely shatter the Chinese economy.If still we can’t do it,nothing can be more unfortunate than this.If we continue to buy Chinese items,we will be feeding China directly to attack our Indian soldiers.

Not only this,mobile apps and softwares like UC browser,TikTok,Club Factory etc, are majorly used by Indian youth these days which is ultimate source of adding some more crores in Chinese pockets.Uninstalling these apps will give a big damage to Chinese economy.

After the Martyrdom of our 20 soldiers,boycotting Chinese products is more in trend.To show there anger for China,people are destroying their LCD’s,mobile and other Chinese items.But believe me,this will surely inspire others to boycott Chinese items,but boycotting the products doesn’t mean destroying it as it includes money of your hardwork.You can immediately uninstall the Chinese app and completely boycott the Chinese items for further use.Indian government has taken certain decisions regarding the pace of growing Chinese items in Indian market.Government is planning  to increase the duty on Chinese items so that it becomes difficult for Chinese products to be available in Indian market.PM has asked for 250 items from each ministry which are low in quality.This step of government will affect the Chinese economy adversely.


The situation with India is also with Taiwan these days.Border intrusions by China is also being faced by Taiwan along with India.The reason behind knowing the reason to go against China is very much important to understand and make strategies against China.This will clear how China is using us,our money and making themselves powerful.The communist party of China is a danger not only for Indian market but poses a threat for all the democratic nations worldwide.

Dictatorship-The dictatorship of China is the biggest reason of such attitude of China towards every nation,as there is no opposition to react on its actions.Also there is no free media to ask them about their strategies and question back about there actions.This is the reason when COVID-19 spread was there in China,there was no strong clue or information regarding from where it came and how such a drastic spread of Covid-19 occurred as there is no free media and no opposition to oppose them.Everything in China is favorable to them as there is no one to ask about their action’s right or wrong aspects,which ultimately gives them the right to twist the rules and regulations according to them.

Trading-Through trading,a country gets more choices,cheaper goods and the other country gets specialization and provide its product worldwide.By this,both countries get economic advantages.Increase in trade directly leads to increase in GDP of the country.China joined WTO(world trade organization) in 2001 but till now,has only taken the advantages or you can say misused the policies of WTO.Made in China products are available in the whole world today very easily.They export there Made in China products very easily across the world.But when it comes to Import,China copies the companies and steals there technologies.For example,in India we have YOU TUBE  but China has YOUKU,with same features and technology,but with a different name and developed in China.They just steal the technology and make the same,with a different name.It goes on the basics of one sided trade where trading is conducted only in one direction.They export there products easily but while importing they produce clones of the things they need.And the companies who steal and copy the technologies are fully supported but the democratic government.In fact they have such rules which gives direct benefits to such companies.If any company wants set up there business in China,they will have to first transfer there intellectual property to a Chinese partner.China follows the strategy of forced technology transfer where a country is forced to give there technology idea to China,in return of establishing their business in their country.

Debt Trap-As the name suggests,this strategy undergoes where a country like China,helps the under developed or poor country in the form of loan,for making some infrastructure like dams,highway,roads etc and when the country is not able to repay back the loan,China acquires the strategic areas of such country.It destroys the country by trapping in its debt.For eg-Srilanka’s Hambantota,a strategic port was firstly built by China,but when Srilanka was unable to repay,China took up the entire port of 15000 acres for 99 years.China can use this place for any of its military,navy warships.

Dumping-Dumping relates to the strategy where China provides its products at the minimal cheapest rates in other country,which destroys the local market of the product.The local factories are forced to shut down by such situation,as because of cheap prices,public prefers Chinese products.For eg-During Diwali,China provides the cheapest electronic light items in Indian markets and have achieved a kind of monopoly of such electrical light items in India.In India,these electrical lights are manufactured at a certain cost,but China provides it in lower costs and controls the market.Such a activity or strategy for any product for regular 3-4 years provides monopoly over that product in the market.Here also,Chinese government supports such dumping companies by providing subsidies to them for exporting their products more and more in different countries.Not only in India,but in Australia also,China is trying to dump their steel and aluminium market.To avoid this dumping,government generally increases the Import taxes on such products coming from China.

Having known these reasons,now you can clearly understand what a blow it will give to China and at what level the economy of China will be shattered.As China is against Australia,Europe,USA and Africa.If all these counties come together and unite against china,the boycotting will be much more productive and successful.

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