Copper water is believed to have some magical ayurvedic properties to treat most of the problems related to digestion,cough and stomach gas.This article will let you know about the scientific reasons behind the benefits of copper water.

The present world is the world of technology,where the major source of pure water in households is water purifier with reverse osmosis technology.Now this RO water no doubt strains and trashes out all the dirt and pollutants from water.But along with this,many of the important nutrients in water get strained due to which our body may suffer from nutrient deficiency.

copper water benefits

Copper water is alone believed to solve most of the problems in body,owing to its copper content.As we know copper is a mineral which is not produced or stored in any form by our body.So,the absence of copper can be only solved by the outside sources only.Copper is very much important as according to ayurveda,it has properties which can treat all the problems related to digestion ,cough(respiratory system) ad gastric problems.

1)Immunity Booster-Copper has the power to boost your immunity as it contains anti viral,anti ageing,anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.Hence,it is very much effective in strengthening your immunity system and heals your body’s inflammations and infections.The person suffering from regular problems like cold,cough and fever may get rid,by just adding copper water to their lifestyle.

2)Healthy digestive system-Copper is very much beneficial and effective in improving the digestion related problems as it is able to remove inflammation and promotes the formation of good gut bacteria and removes bad gut bacteria.It is also very much effective in treating stomach ulcers,indigestion and stomach infections.

3)Prevention from cancer-Person suffering from cancer,can use the copper water as it prevents the further development of cancerous cells in body.

4)Hypertension-It is the best ayurvedic medicine for the person suffering from high blood pressure,cholesterol,diabetes and disturbed level of triglycerides.It is able to maintain triglyceride levels,sugar levels and at the same time removes the bad cholesterol.

5)Body detoxification-The copper water detoxifies or cleanses the body from inside.Drinking copper water early in the morning acts as a removing agent for toxins inside our body,through urine or stool.It induces the proper functionality of whole digestive system.It also maintains the kidney and liver functionality so that the nutrients absorption from the food we eat and and the water we drink,takes place at its maximum level.

6)Infections-Any type of infection,internal or external like liver,stomach,blood etc. can be treated by copper water.

7)Healthy Brain-For a sharp memory and healthy brain,copper water acts as a miracle as it helps in developing the cells that are responsible for information transformation in brain due to which it provides a healthy brain and a sharp memory to you.

8)Maintains the Ph level-Copper water gives the benefit of maintaining the Ph level of skin by keeping it hydrated.It also keeps balance and maintains the melanin of skin.Melanin is a element in skin which is responsible for deciding the colour of our skin,hair and cornea of our eye.The people with dull skin or grey hairs can consider copper water.This will provide you a glowing skin and shiny black hairs.

9)Healthy skin-As mentioned before,copper water has anti ageing properties.Copper contains anti oxidants and promote new cell formation.It also fight against free radicals which are responsible for wrinkles in our skin.Hence,provides a healthier and wrinkle free skin.

10)Treatment of thyroid-It is able to balance the thyroxine hormone secreted by thyroid gland.Regular consumption of copper water can treat thyroid.

11)Prevents Anemia-It majorly helps to absorb the iron content from the food we eat which avoids the problem of anemia or low hemoglobin.

12)Natural water purifier-Copper  is able to purify water completely,filled with chemicals,toxins and other harmful factors.For this purification,water in the copper container must be kept for 8-16 hours.It acts as a natural purifier and it is scientifically proven also.

13)Weight loss-Copper water is majorly effective for loosing weight.Having copper water on an empty stomach acts as a fat cutter drink,for the weight loosing aspirants.

copper water benefits


The simple way to consume copper water is to place normal water in a copper vessel,bottle or any type of container made of copper.Leave the water overnight or minimum for 4 hours and drink 3-4 glasses on empty stomach,early in the morning.You can also consume it the whole day,but the water should be kept in the copper vessel for at least 4 hours as it takes minimum 4 hours for the normal water to absorb the beneficial properties of copper.

The copper water should be consumed early in the morning before brushing so that the saliva inside the mouth reaches the stomach along with copper water,as the overnight saliva is very much good for digestion.

The copper container should be cleansed timely,maximum after 2 days otherwise a layer of copper oxide may occur inside the vessel which prevents the goodness of copper from getting transmitted into the water.

Don’t transfer the copper water into steel glass or container as its benefits get destroyed and the copper water remains of no use,with no benefits.

You should have this water regularly for 3 months and after that take a gap of one month .The reason behind this is to avoid the high content of copper in your body.Also,your body should not get use to of copper water,hence a gap of one month is necessary.

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