After the unfortunate incident happened day before yesterday,depression and mental health are the terms used very commonly these days and gaining limelight.The word depression is in everyone’s mind these days after hearing the news of bollywood star,Sushant Singh Rajput.According to the sources,Depression was the reason behind his such a brutal step.This proves,it is a situation that can be experienced by any of the person whether a celebrity or a common person.Let us go deeper,and know more about depression as this article is all about explaining Depression.



This is the most underrated topic and is always avoided to discuss.There are many misconceptions related to depression in our society.It is the most common psychiatric illness found in India.It is very much important to have knowledge about depression so that it could be analysed or diagnosed on early basis.It is difficult to understand depression as it is invisible.It is disorder of feeling,behavior,thinking where a person feels sad and negative for everything.

The very first thing that comes in mind is a person having everything ,is financially strong,has fame but still suffers from such a state of mind,why?It is a general thinking of society that money is basically everything.A person having money will have no issues with his life,family or any other relation.Regular stress may lead to a state of depression.But stress is not the only major cause of depression.There are certain Biological factors like genes,which also decide the mental health of a person.People with a family history of depression are more likely to experience this.Also our body deals with several micro molecular activities and when these activities are introduced with specific environment ,then it is decided whether the person will go in depression or not.But a person with no stress can also be found depressed.Eg-Most of the women experience postpartum depression just after delivering the baby,where everything goes right with no problem and stress.This is due to the hormonal changes occurring in women’s body after delivering.This type of depression is very much common in women after delivery.Hence a combination of biological facts and mental state under certain environment can be the cause of depression.In simple words,a combination of biological,psychological and social factors can be the reason behind mental disorders.

A normal stress and a depression’s stress can be distinguished as when a normal person has stress for some reason,he is relived or becomes tension free with some sort of good news or happening.But a person in depression is all the time depressed and remains stressed through out the time.This sort of sadness which is continuous at every single point of time is called Persistent and Pervasive sadness.



Further,explaining Depression,its symptoms are basically how someone feels and in what state of mind he is.These symptoms can be constant feeling of sadness,anger,hopelessness or guilt about something.A person feels stressful,sad,worthless and negligible all the time.There is a lack of interest in everything whether it is your job,relations and even life.Everything becomes lifeless and make the patient unhappy and more depressed.

Excessive guilt is another major symptom of depression where the person starts blaming himself for everything in his life,whether good or small.He is even able to find negative aspect of a positive thing too.

Physical Weakness-Patient becomes physically weak and feels tired all the time.

Poor Concentration-In whatever profession he is,in school or college,a person with depression will not be able to concentrate in his work properly.Different thoughts and feeling strikes in the mind continuously.

Some behavioral symptoms are lack of energy,distance with society or social life,sleeplessness,low motivation or changes in appetite.

Symptoms related to thoughts include lack of self confidence,suicidal thoughts,loss of interest in any of the activities.

These symptoms can be experienced on regular basis or they may come and go over a period of time.It is difficult to recognize depression most of the symptoms go inside the head of the suffering person.Only the close ones could understand and diagnose the state of depression in the person’s mind,through several talks and time spent.The symptoms can be also misunderstood by other persons,as the person’s personal decision of not going to work,being lonely,sad or angry about something, by giving the reason of bad attitude.


Moreover,any stressful situation like financial problem,family problem,career problem may lead to depression.But it can be treated by proper medication,psychotherapy or both at the same time.Ministry of health suggests some activities to avoid and treat depression like sleeping for atleast 8 hours,eat fruits,go for walks,follow a proper routine,travel,be creative,take multivitamins and include yoga and exercises in daily routine.A person with mild or at a starting stage of depression should follow all this.But a person with major depression will not like to do all these activities as he is filled with hopelessness.As self motivation is the biggest support for treating depression,but the fact is the person is depressed because he is lacking motivation internally.

Knowing all these aspects,why to even think about getting depressed in life.Life will treat you,the way you treat your life.Accept every failure as a new start and another lesson of life.Be so much motivated that you are able to motivate others.I m sure if you make a list of good things and bad things of your life,the number of good things will be always more than the bad ones.Its just we don’t appreciate them and are after the negative sides of things.Never let any negative situation to dominate you to the level you get depressed and heartbroken.Negative thoughts will always do negative to you and your family.Talk to your loved ones,spend time with nature,have faith in god,and appreciate the good things of your life..trust me,life will be much better!!I Hope this explaining depression makes atleast a small difference in someone’s life.

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