Pregnancy in first month is a delicate one,as by the time you realize you are pregnant or you do your pregnancy test,you are nearly 4 weeks pregnant.It is very much difficult to recognize exactly when the sperm met the egg.So to keep it simple,the start of your pregnancy is considered as the first day of your last period.

First month pregnancy

Your body gets prepared for pregnancy from the first two weeks before your egg gets fertilized,whether you are planning for the baby or not.During this period,Uterus sheds its lining,and releases estrogen.Also,egg is released by ovaries 24-36 hours later.After the egg is released,there is a time of 7-10 days to conceive,where the egg waits for the sperm to get fertilized.If sperm meets the egg during this time,you will be pregnant.After getting fertilized,the egg moves to the uterus in the next 2 weeks through fallopian tube.In uterus ,the egg will stick to the uterus wall to make home for further nine months.

Growth during first month

*By the end of one month,the embryo(baby)will be a size of a poppy seed who is of 0.04 inches or 0.1cm and less than 1gm in weight.

*Also,sex of the embryo is determined till now.Baby will be developing specialized cells like organs,muscles hair and skin.

*Baby is also forming Placenta through which he/she intakes the nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s body.

*Amniotic sac(thin membrane filled with fluid known as amniotic fluid)is also formed all around the baby to protect him/her from outside jerks.

*Baby’s growth starts by the time it gets attached to the wall of uterus and the women gets pregnant.In the first 4 weeks,the process of fetal development takes place.Between 3rd and 4th week,developing heart starts beating.

*Arms,legs and lungs start to take shape along with eye,nose,ear and face.


*Mood swings,bloating,cramping,weakness,vomiting,morning sickness are some common symptoms for the first month of pregnancy,followed by constipation,headache,sleeplessness,due to harmonal changes in the pregnant women’s body.

*Breast size also starts increasing ,with pain.

*Continous urination is also a main symptom of pregnancy,shown immediately after the women gets conceived.

*After getting pregnant,you may also face break through bleeding during your period dates where you may suffer from light bleeding(spotting) because of the harmone that is responsible for your every month bleeding process.This may happen 1-2 times during your pregnancy,but its normal at the same time.

Tips What To Eat And Do

As soon as you come to know about your pregnancy,start eating nutritious food,as you must be already 4 weeks pregnant till your pregnancy report comes positive.But if you are planning to have a baby,you can take care of yourself from the starting.

*Doctors suggest to have pre natal vitamins,as the folic acid in it,ensures the growth of your baby’s brain and spine.

*Also,fruits and veggies having proper vitamins and calcium,iron must be included.

*Intake of alcohol and other harmful drinks and smoking should be fully restricted.

*Minor light exercises with proper diet to keep both mother and baby healthy and happy.

*Avoid populated and polluted areas.

*Have light morning snacks in the morning to reduce vomiting

*Drink plenty of water

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