Hey readers!! Today’s topic is a trending and at the same time important one too.Immunity is the most important thing the grow and maintain these days.The most important fact to understand about immunity is,immunity cannot be enhanced or increased by medication,the only way to increase immunity is to eat a healthy diet and induce some changes in lifestyle.Immunity is important as it is helpful in preventing illness.A good immunity level will not let your internal organs and systems suffer from any sort of bacteria or virus.And if in case you get infected,you recover at a faster rate.Getting infected by bacteria can be treated by antibiotics,but for viral infection,a strong immunity system is the only way to get treated.These days,as corona virus is at its peak,to fight with this,our immunity system should also be at its peak.So here,I will be letting you know about the best foods to boost your immunity level.

1-GREEN TEA-The Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) content of green tea is a anti oxidant,that makes it powerful to maintain the body’s immunity level.It is also a good source of amino acid,L-Theanine,which results in formation of several germ and virus fighting compounds.

green tea

2-GINGER-Ginger contains a number of medicinal features which can aid numerous diseases.Sore throat,flu,cold are some of the common infections which ginger can easily treat.Ginger is a root spice which contains Vitamin B6,manganese and magnesium.A raw ginger has 79% water,18% carbohydrates,2% protein and 1% fat.Gingerol content of ginger makes it perfect for boosting immunity.It also contains anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which makes it a best healing component.

3-CITRUS FRUITS-Vitamin C,as well known is the best component for increasing immunity level,and citrus fruits like lemon,orange,gooseberry etc are the best source of vitamin C.Vitamin C increases the production of White blood cells which are responsible to fight against germs and viruses which cause illness.As our body does not produces or stores Vitamin C,it is important to consume a daily dose of 75-100 mg of vitamin C,for a healthy immune system.

4-TURMERIC-It is very well known that turmeric is a root spice with a number of medicinal values.It has anti inflammatory properties which can cure any sort of infection or inflammation inside the body.Thus,results in increasing immunity.Cuncumin component in turmeric gives it the bright yellow colour.It heals the body’s muscle strain and pain from inside and also works as an antiseptic for outside wounds.


5-PAPAYA-Papaya is loaded with Vitamin C which is ultimately responsible for boosting immunity.It contains Pottasium,folate,Vitamin A,Vitamin B,and antioxidants resulting in enhancing the immune system of body.Papaya also contains an enzyme called Papain,which is capable of breaking tough protein chain found in muscle meat,which helps in digestion also.

6-SPINACH-It is rich in Vitamin C,beta carotene and numerous antioxidants which help top boost immune system.Calcium,iron,magnesium,potassium,vitamin A,folate content,make spinach more capable for boosting immunity.It also maintains blood pressure levels.

7-GARLIC-Garlic is generally used as a spice for adding a extra flavor to the food.It not only makes the food delicious but its anti oxidant properties make it capable of building a strong immunity system for body.It helps to heal a variety of virus related infections like common cold,flu etc.A single clove of garlic contains 12 mg of potassium,5 mg of calcium and more than 100 types of sulphuric compounds which make it capable enough to flush out bacteria,viruses and other toxins from our body.Raw garlic consumption is believed to be the most beneficial one rather than the cooked one.

8-BROCCOLI-Vitamin A,C,E and other anti oxidants content of broccoli make it the best option for the health conscious people.A great amount of Vitamin,minerals and anti oxidants in broccoli form a great package to boost immunity.Per 100 gm of broccoli contains approximately 90 mg of vitamin C,which is a good amount for a veggie to boost the immune system.Consuming it raw or half cooked results in more good benefits.


9-RED OR GREEN PEPPERS OR CAPSICUM-Capsicum are also the major source of Vitamin C,just like citrus fruits.In fact the Vitamin C content in bell peppers is more than other citrus fruits.It is beneficial for skin,enhances eye health.They are also rich source of beta carotene which increase immunity by increasing illness fighting germs .It also contains anti cancerous components that prevents cancer causing factors of body.

10-APPLES-Apples contain Vitamin B,B2,Vitamin C which are essential for maintaining a good immune system.Pectin,is a type of fiber that promotes the production of good bacteria of intestine for a proper digestion and a healthy gut.Gut bacteria release components that ultimately results in proper functioning of our immune system.

The above 10 foods are just the examples as we have a huge number of food,that contain immunity boosting properties.It is not necessary to limit your food options only to these foods,but always try to eat healthy,at least more often.These foods result in enhancing your immune system slowly but effectively.It is not a overnight job to build a strong immune system.It takes minimum some months or sometimes a year also to provide a body with strong immunity system.

There are many options or ways to consume the immunity boosting foods,directly or with combination of something else which is edible.Almost everything we eat healthy,has a capability less or more to make our immune system strong.So,always consider healthy things in your diet.You can consume the immunity boosting foods as raw or lightly cooked.Either,you can make a brew or concoction or kaadha (a drink made from a mixture of various spices and herbs,that are believed to be the most beneficial food or spices for immunity) of herbs or spices like tulsi,ginger,black pepper,fenugreek and similar other spices.For a perfect authentic kaadha recipe CLICK HERE.

Along with the intake of these beneficial foods,certain changes lifestyle will also help to boost immunity.Doing exercises or simple walk of 30 minutes,along with a good sleep of 6-8 hours,will help the immune system to boost up.A proper consumption of sunlight is also important as it provides a perfect amount of vitamin D to the body.

I hope,you get benefited with these tips ,apply the changes in your daily routine.Till then,stay safe and I will be back with my next article soon.

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