The normal range of  blood pressure may vary from one individual to another.An Athlete will have a different normal BP range,as compared to some other person who is healthy but less active.This may go very deep and somewhat tricky to understand as a person’s BP depends on many other things like age,gender and even a person’s height.Normal blood pressure range

Our heart pumps nutrients,blood and oxygen into our body through arteries.Blood pressure is basically the force by which blood is pushed against the walls of arteries by heart.BP is measured by two readings-SYSTOLIC and DIASTOLIC.Systolic pressure indicates the pressure of blood pushed into the arteries,when your heart contracts.Diastolic,is the pressure in the arteries,when the heart relaxes between the beats.This is the time when the heart is filled with blood and gets oxygen. 

Normally,a perfect blood pressure is said to be 120/80,where 120’s place is called systolic and 80’s place is called diastolic.But here are some new guidelines regarding the new blood pressure range. According to the old guidelines,the systolic or the top line level of blood pressure under 120 was considered NORMAL.But,the new guidelines says the top line level till 120 is still normal ,but a blood pressure between 120-129 is ELEVATED BLOOD PRESSURE.With elevated blood pressure a person is advised to have some lifestyle changes,that is,getting some more exercises and eating less salt.Diastolic or bottom line level should be between 60-80 for being called under a normal range.

STAGE 1 OF HYPERTENSION starts from a range of 130-139(systolic),and 80-89(diastolic).At this stage a person may opt for blood pressure lowering medication.

STAGE 2 OF HYPERTENSION starts over 140,where the person is recommended to have proper medication and consultancy from doctor.

The above given information should not be intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.Always rely on your doctor in matters related to your health.

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