Today,I am going to share the full information regarding the 2nd month of pregnancy and also the changes observed by the would be mother,till the end of her second month of pregnancy.

The second month of pregnancy is basically of 5th to 8th weeks and also known as second phase of your first trimester.Most of the ladies get confirmation of there pregnancy in there second month because of there missed periods.As soon as the women comes to know about her pregnancy,she starts feeling for her child.By the starting of second month many changes start occurring in the women’s body.These changes can be troublesome for the lady who is experiencing this for the first time.These changes can be kinda weird,that may make you sometimes emotional and sometimes strong even,but the lady has to accept all these changes positively.

Second Month Of Pregnancy

Symptoms Or Problems

Most of the pregnant  women suffer from morning sickness.During this stage,an urge to vomit or vomiting may occur constantly,which is very much normal and provides no harm to baby.

Till a lady is 2 months pregnant,her weight would increase by 1-1.5 kgs.

Frequent urination,constipation,headache,acidity are some other problems from which you may suffer from.

Some ladies may also suffer from the problem of less or no desire to eat.But this problem goes off as the weeks and months pass.

Breast size also increases and the colour of nipple’s surroundings called Areola,darkens.

Vaginal discharge is also very much common at this time.Texture of discharge may change to thick or thin.

You may also suffer from mood swings which may make you frustrated and stubborn,because of the imbalancing of  the hormones(progesterone and estrogen) in your body.

Most of the women go through all these symptoms or problems during pregnancy,but this does not mean every lady will have to suffer these problems.It totally depends on your body that how its reacts to your pregnancy.You may not even have a single problem or you may have all of the above.

Growth Of The Baby

By the end of 2nd month,the size of the baby is similar to a kidney bean(Rajma) with the weight of 1.2 gm and 1.6 cm long.

During this time of pregnancy,the baby produces 10 lakh cells per minute,which helps in development of different body parts.

As the 2nd month of pregnancy is between 5th to 8th week,baby’s growth takes place,week by week.In the 5th week,egg blossoms into an embryo in your womb.Umbilical cord is formed which connects the baby to the blood supply.

In the 6th week,Heart,lungs and other organs are almost fully formed and work partially.

By the 7th week,baby’s eyes with eyelashes are formed,which are closed at this time.Also,baby’s nose,lips start taking shape along with teeth.

By the end of 8th week,baby’s size becomes the size of a coffee bean,and the baby can move and swim inside.Webbed fingers and toes arrive.All major organs are almost formed fully.Doctors during ultrasound can make you listen your baby’s heartbeat.

What To Eat

Many of us think that pregnant lady should eat more for herself as well as for the child inside her,but,you should always remember,there is no need have have any extra quantity of food.Rather,your diet should be balanced and full of nutrients.If you eat 3 times a day,you should divide 6 times a day.In short,you should have a short and a healthy meal in every 3-4 hrs.Having meals after big gaps may lead to weakness,so you have your meals at perfect intervals.

During your first trimester,it is very important to have fruits and vegetables full of folate(folic acid),which is important for the development of brain and spine of baby.For this you can have green veggies,spinach,nuts,beans,chicken etc.You should also include Folic acid tablets prescribed by the doctor.

Make sure your diet includes Iron,Calcium and Protein.For calcium,you can have milk,paneer,curd which makes the baby’s bones strong.

For Protein,you can have dals,chicken,egg,nuts etc. which is essential for both mother and child.

Also,it is very much important to keep your body hydrated during pregnancy,hence drink plenty of water.You should have atleast 8-10 glass of water per day.

What Not To Eat

Half cooked meat(raw meat),alcohol,tobacco,raw egg,unpasturised milk,papaya,pineapple should be strictly avoided,not only in the 2nd month,but during whole pregnancy.


Light exercises and yoga should be done,under the training of a instructor.If exercises are not possible,then morning and evening walks of 30 minutes are also beneficial at this stage.Sleeping postures should be chosen carefully.You should always or mostly try to sleep at your left side with your legs folded.Avoid tight clothes and high heels.

Stay Calm,Stay Fit and Happy Pregnancy to all the pregnant ladies reading this post,may you deliver a healthy child..

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