Seventh month of pregnancy is the end of 2nd trimester and starting of 3rd trimester of your pregnancy.By the starting of 7th month of pregnancy you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy which is the time to enjoy your pregnancy and wait for the baby to come.But along with this,this is also the time to take a proper care of yourself even more,as the baby is growing tremendously inside you and there is less time in your delivery.This article will let you know about what’s happening inside with your baby,his organ development,his growth and the changes in your body.So,here we go.

Seventh Month Of Pregnancy


Talking about the height of baby,your baby’s height will be 33cm -38cm.Weight of your baby by the end of seventh month will be 1kg-1.3kg.

More than half of the baby growth is over till now.There is a increase of 14 inches in baby’s height by the end of this month.Eyes,ears ,nose all the senses of the baby will be fully developed and will work properly.Baby’s skin starts getting pigmented as before baby skin was colourless but now it starts gaining its skin colour.Also,baby’s hair were with no colour earlier but now baby’s hairs start getting coloured.Fat deposition also starts due to which baby gains weight rapidly and this continues till rest of the three months.Baby movements will be rapid and the baby swims in amniotic fluid actively.Baby will open and shut his eyes on regular time intervals.Sleeping pattern of baby is already set.Sometimes the baby is awake and after doing some movements,he sleeps.Baby has learnt the sucking movement and also knows how to swallow anything.As baby is directly connected to mother,he gets affected by his mother’s mood.If mother is happy,baby is also happy.If mother is sad,baby will also feel sadness.If mother is feeling anxiety,baby inside mother will also be panic and the baby movements felt by the mother will increase.This is the reason it is said to listen good,say good,feel good so that the baby also feels the same.Lungs of the baby are mature enough till now.In case if the baby is delivered premature,baby can survive in the outside environment.


1)There will be a increase in mother’s weight.Till now you must have gained upto 5 kgs,which is very normal during pregnancy.This increase in weight will be more rapid as your baby will grow tremendously.

2)Due to increased blood circulation in body,you may have swelling on hands and legs.For this,avoid standing for long time periods and also avoid heavy works.

3)Increased breast size and the areola(area around nipple) becomes more dark.You will also experience oozing breast where a yellowish or whitish sticky liquid comes out of breast,known as Colostrum.Generally,this discharge from breast oozes from starting of 2nd trimester  or fifth month of pregnancy.But this may be experienced at any time.As the pregnancy moves on,colostrum becomes colourless.As colostrum is important for your baby,do not try to take it our from your breasts forcefully.Massage  your breast at night properly.Take care of them as sometimes fungal infection occurs on nipples.

4)As vaginal discharge is very much common during pregnancy,it may increase in 3rd trimester.Vaginal discharge restricts any sort of infection to reach the baby.Generally,this discharge is normal but if it is with odour or bad smell,you may contact your doctor.

5)You may have some difficulty while sleeping or taking breath,as your uterus will be over  your naval position.Also,your diaphragm shifts a little upwards due to which you may have breathing problem.For this,you may sleep in your left lateral position which will improve your blood circulation and relax your body.

6)Due to increasing growth of baby,ligaments stretch out because of which stretch marks appear in the skin.To avoid this moisturize your skin on regular basis.

7)Indigestion is a very common symptom which comes from the starting of pregnancy and goes off with the pregnancy itself.Because of indigestion you may have acidity,nausea,swelling in abdomen.This problem arises due to growth of your baby,due to which your digestive system is not able to work properly.

8)Frequent urination may occur due to the pressure on urinary bladder because of increasing uterus size.But it is very much important to differentiate between UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) and frequent urination due to pregnancy.Sometimes,UTI  is misunderstood as a common symptom of pregnancy.For avoiding such confusion,you may consult your doctor.

9)Pregnancy melasma(A cluster of black colour pigmentation on your cheeks and near your nose) may occur due to deficiency of nutritions or hormonal changes.To avoid this you should have proper diet containing proper nutrients and apply almond oil plus Vitamin C on your skin. Make sure your food contains Vitamin C and A,to avoid melasma during pregnancy.

10)Your skin may glow sometimes or sometimes be dull.This is due to a number of changes occurring inside your body.Everything becomes normal after delivery.

11)As baby grows in your uterus,your spinal cord starts getting pressure due to which problem of backache occurs.For this,you can do some light stretching exercises.

12)Would be mother may sometimes feel anxiety or mood swings as her body is preparing for delivery.Meditation,deep breathing exercises ,engaging yourself with your hobbies,and other works may give you relaxation and divert your mind.

13)Bleeding gums may also occur because of deficiency of vitamin C or any sort of infection.For this,you should consult your dentist.


A pregnant women should always take care about what she eats.Not only in last trimester but also from the beginning.While eating anything,she must take care of whatever she eats should be nutritious and healthy.

IRON-To avoid deficiency of hemoglobin in your last stage of pregnancy,have proper meals including Iron as a nutrient.As at the time of delivery,mother’s hemoglobin should be at 12.So,try to maintain it.27 mg of iron is must on daily basis.

DHA-DHA is a fatty acid which is essential for baby’s growth.200 mg of DHA must be included in regular food items which include orange juice,milk,eggs etc.

PROTIEN-As told before also,protein must for both mother and baby,so for a healthy pregnancy and rapid growth of baby,you should include protein in your daily diet.

CALCIUM-For the proper growth of bones of baby,calcium is very essential nutrient.But it is advised not to take extra or more calcium at this time as it may lead to certain complications with baby.

Also,you must go for blood pressure,hemoglobin  and sugar check so that if there is some level up or down,that can be controlled.You must do meditation,deep breathing exercises to be relaxed and calm.Go for light exercises,stretching so that your body becomes flexible and strong for the time of delivery.

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