Pregnancy is a stage where a woman needs a proper care and attention, so that she gives birth to a healthy child and herself remains fit after delivery. So today, we are going to talk about the third month of pregnancy which can also be considered as the last stage of first trimester.At this  stage, the growth of baby takes pace which can be felt by mother.The third month of pregnancy is of 9th-12th week.



As the mother’s body produces pregnancy hormones during pregnancy, the mother suffers many symptoms during her first trimester, but by the end of this month, body of mother will be able to adjust with the hormones, hence, the level of symptoms or the problems will decrease and by the end of this month.The problems like nausea,vomiting will vanish off, but some mothers may still feel some of the symptoms and face some problems.

Weakness-Hormonal changes in the mother’s body may lead to weakness and may make you feel sleepy all the time,tired with no energy.

Breast tenderness and frequent urination may continue as in first and second month of pregnancy.

In few mother’s backpain is also the problem.At early pregnancy,many mothers suffer this common problem.The pregnancy hormones released during pregnancy are supposed to relax the uterus but in the process they also relax the joints.So backache is very common at a starting months of pregnancy,but it may go off by the time.

Tummy Cramps may be other symptoms where you can have a period like cramp feeling.Although,by this time this problem start decreasing and by the time,the problem becomes better.

Loss of appetite may be still there.But it is not very much to worry about.The only thing you must keep in mind is to eat some amount of food in every 2-3 hrs.In simple words,the amount of food is not important but the frequency of having food is important.

You may have sudden pimple problem and your skin colour may also change.For eg,some mother’s skin  glow while pregnancy and some mother’s skin become dark.This skin colour change is due to pregnancy hormones,hence for this you don’t have to do any sort of treatment.

Some pregnant ladies may also suffer from pregnancy melasma which can be due to lack of proper vitamins and minerals or due to pregnancy harmones.But to avoid pregnancy melasma,due to nutritional factors, you should have proper diet including iron,calcium,folate,protein in your diet.Not only iron,calcium, you should also have vit A,B,B12.Vitamin supplements can also be taken for healthy hair and skin,prescribed by doctor.

As the blood flow increases in uterus,for the growth of baby(due to progesterone harmone),blood  vessels of mother dialate,due to which mother  feels dizzy or lack of sleep.

Your breast,nipple,areola(area around nipple)size will increase,along with pain due to increase in size and stretching of breast.

For all these problems,yoga,meditation and light exercises are the best way to get rid off.If you are not able to do all these,you can just have 30 minutes walk in the morning and evening.All this,will minimize your pregnancy symptoms or get rid off completely.


By the starting of the third month,the height of baby will be 2.5-3 cm and by the end of this month or on 12th week the height of baby will be 7-8 cm.Talking about the weight,at starting of this month the weight will be 1-2 gm and by the end of this month the weight will be 23-25 gms.This represents the fast growth of child.As compared to the other 2 months,the growth in 3rd month is pretty faster.The overall growth of baby will be very much fast in this month.By the end of this month all the organs will be fully developed and start functioning .

Brain will also be developed and the pituitary gland in the brain will also start secreting pituitary harmone.

The sucking moment of mouth will start in  this month which will help the baby suck milk after delivery.

Salivary gland that secretes saliva also start functioning.

Intestine mortality will also start working which moves the food in the  intestine. The baby will peep in amniotic fluid and will consume the same and the process continues.

Sexual organs will be fully developed by the end of this month.

Hair follicles start developing in the skin.

Fingers  will be fully formed  and movement of fingers  will also occur.

During Sonography,you can see your child movement and change in position you can see hand movement even.

Sensory development will also be over, means  the eye lashes, the eyelid will be fully formed but eyes will be still closed.Ear development will also be there and hearing capacity will also start.

What To Eat?

It is very much important for the expecting mom to consume nutritious food for a healthy growth and development of baby.So,an appropriate diet intake is must during the pregnancy.

1-Carbohydrates-they are the source of energy in our body,which slowly breaks down and metabolise in our body.Whole grams,legumes and starchy veggies such as potatoes and sweet potatoes are the main sources of carbohydratyes.However,carbs from processed foods like refined flour,cookies and cakes must be avoided as they are empty calories with  no nutrients.

2-Omega 3-This fatty acid is important to promote the healthy development of eyes and brain of baby.Foods like soyabeans,walnuts,chia seeds,flaxseeds include omega 3.

3-Folic Acid-Folic Acid is very important for the appropriate healthy growth of baby’s brain and also the spinal cord.Supplements of folic acid prescribed by doctor, should be also followed by naturally found folic acid foods in your diet which include broccoli,citrus fruits,beans,peas,lentil,avocado,sprout, okra and spinach.

4-Vitamin B6 foods-Vitamin B6 helps in fighting against morning sickness.Vitamin B6 can be consumed by having meats,eggs,citrus fruits,legumes,soyabeans,nuts,seeds and avocados.

5-Fruits and veggies-Fruits and veggies have a wide range of nutrients and antioxidants that are essential for both mother and baby’s healthy development and  growth.They are also the natural source of carbohydrates and fiber to ease constipation of pregnant women.

6-Vitamin D-To strengthen pregnant women’s immune system,baby’s healthy teeth and bone growth and formation,and to provide proper cell division in baby,Vitamin D is very important.Sources of vitamin D are fatty fishes,egg yolk,Vitamin D fortified cereals.It can also be obtained by sun exposure naturally.

7-Protein-Protein is essential for both mother and baby and can be consumed from legumes,seeds,lentils,chicken,nuts,nut butter,meat and soyabeans.

8-Calcium-For strong bone and muscle formation of baby,calcium is very essential nutrient.Milk,yogurt and cheese are some obvious examples.

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