Hello readers..!!Hope you all will be fine doing great.Today’s topic is the one of the most common,important but at the same time neglected one too.Yes,as you have read the heading,today I will be taking about urinary tract infection.As compared to males,it is very much common in females.Every third women is infected with UTI.People generally don’t take the symptoms of UTI seriously at minor stage,that’s why it is the most neglected one.Most of the people are not aware about the causes,signs,symptoms of UTI and carry out there daily routine along with it.So today,I will provide you a basic information regarding symptoms,causes and treatment for UTI.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)


Our Urinary Tract is basically a path of urine which starts with kidneys,followed by ureter,urinary bladder and urethra.All these glands together form the path for urine and are known as urinary tract.Any sort of infection in any part of this tract or any gland is commonly known as Urinary Tract Infection.

The infection in this region is divided in two parts-Upper UTI and Lower UTI.If the infection or inflammation exists in lower part of tract which include bladder and urethra,it is known as Lower UTI. Similarly,if the inflammation exists in upper part,that is,kidney or ureter,it is known as Upper UTI.Infection in urinary bladder is known as Cystitis.In males,when infection is present in prostate,it is called Prostatitis.When ureter suffers from infection,the condition is called Urethritis.


As both types of UTI’s  are in different parts of urinary tract,the symptoms and treatment of both are also different from each other.

The symptoms of infection in lower urinary tract include burning sensation and pain while urination.There will be frequent and uncontrollable urination along with strong foul smell.There may also be some traces of blood in urine.The colour of urine will also change.There will be a regular pain in lower pelvis area and genital parts.In some cases there may be low grade fever also.

But the symptoms of upper UTI include fever with chills as its main symptoms.Also,vomiting,nausea,lack of appetite are other symptoms.Pain in Upper UTI will be on the backside or around the ribs.


1)One of the basic reason for infection in urinary tract is lack of sanitization.The unhygienic conditions promote the bacteria formation in the area.There should be a habit of cleaning and sanitizing the genital area properly after urination and excretion,during menstruation,otherwise the vaginal and stool bacteria become the cause of UTI.

2)The next cause for UTI is a natural one,which means in females,the urethra is of small length due to which the bacteria enter and come in contact with the urinary tract easily.

3)The presence of stone,somewhere in the urinary tract often become the cause for UTI.

4)In diabetic patients,diabetes mellitus reduce the immunity of the body and the person easily gets infected.

5)During pregnancy,UTI is very much common due to the numerous types of physical and hormonal changes happening in the mother’s body.

6)If you get hospitalized for any reason and go through the process of urinary catheterisation(the process where the tube called catheter is inserted through urethra and attached through bladder,for the passage of urine),you may have the chances of having infection,as the catheter may act as the carrier of bacteria to your urinary tract.In females,same can be in case while inserting copper T or ICD,which may take foreign bacteria into you tract and cause infection.

7)There is a condition known as Vesicoureteral reflex,where the urine instead of going from kidney to bladder,moves in opposite direction,that is from bladder to kidney.This also causes UTI.

8)If UTI is regular in children,especially in male child,there could be a condition called congenital malformation where the ureter is not attached with the bladder properly.This could also be the cause for UTI.

9)In males,the increment of prostate gland may also cause infection.

10)The proper facility(public toilets) to urinate in public places,is also a factor that ultimately leads the person to hold the urine for longer time,which provides the suitable environment for the bacteria to develop in our body and cause UTI.

11)Lack of water can also be a reason due to which the bacteria in the tract is not able to get the way to come out.


1)Viral Infection

2)Fungal Infection

3)Bacterial Infection-Bacteria responsible are E Coli,proteus,klebsiella.In 90% of the UTI cases,bacterial infection exists because of E coli bacteria.


1)URINE ROUTINE TEST-This test analyses the urine concentration,content and appearance,for the detection of UTI.

2)URINE CULTURE TEST-This test is done for find the percentage or amount of bacteria in the Urine.

3)CT Scan-For clearing the doubt of infection related to stones and for the clear image of urinary tract,the doctor may advise you to perform CT scan of abdomen.

4)RENAL FUNCTION TEST-This test is performed for the analysis of urea and Creatinine in blood,for checking the functioning of kidneys.


1)DRINK PLENTY OF WATER-This is one of the easiest and most effective remedy for treatment of UTI,as it flushes out the bacteria completely as it encourages frequent urination.Emptying bladder frequently  allows the bacteria to flush out easily,and avoids reformation or redevelopment of bacteria.Just double the amount of water you drink normally,for faster recovery.

2)VITAMIN C INTAKE-Intake of vitamin c makes urine more acidic.And this acidic urine kills bacteria and gets flushes out while urinating.

3)Canberry-Canberry is believed to be one of the best medicine for UTI.so,having canberry in any form whether as a fruit,juice or supplement,it may act as a savior.

4)PROVIDE HEAT TO ABDOMEN -Providing heat to lower abdomen may give you relief from the pain in your belly.Hot bottle full of warm water is best for such condition.Just put it on your belly and gets relaxed.This also treats the burning sensation in pubic area.

5)YOGURT AND PROBIOTICS-Yogurt contain lactobacillus bacteria,which is good for heatlh.Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help to fight against bad bacteria.These good bacteria are capable to fight and flush out the bad bacteria.

If you suffer regularly from urinary tract infection (UTI),this may cause a negative effect on your kidneys and other vital organs.It may also lead to big complications in coming years.So,it is important to understand the causes and symptoms of UTI,and in cases,where the signs of UTI prevail,immediate consultation with doctor becomes necessary.

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