Gas leak tragedy happened in Visakhapatnam,reintroduced the memory of Bhopal gas tragedy.This article will provide the basic and also important information regarding this incident happened.There is a area attached to Visakhapatnam,called Gopalpatnam where a chemical plant named LG Polymers is situated.Late night,while everybody was sleeping,Styrene named gas leaked all over the area due to which the people nearby started having irritation in eyes,difficulty in breathing,rashes in skin and many became unconscious.Knowing the gas leak incident,every body started running here and there being panic.Some were helping the unconscious ones to get hospitalized.Animals and people were lying unconscious on the roads.Due to gas leak,8 lost there lives and 3 were killed due to Chaos in the area nearby.Over thousands have been affected due to the spread of poisonous gas.

All About Visakhapatnam gas leak

After knowing about the tragedy,state and central government came into action immediately.CISF and NDRF teams reached there to rescue the survivors and hospitalised the needy ones.According to NDRF,This is a chemical disaster for which specialist related to this field is needed to overcome this.NDRF has special team for such situation known as Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear emergency team(CBRN).From Pune this team reached Visakhapatnam.Till evening gas leakage was under control but not fully.3 km area surrounding the company was made vacate.Director general of NDRF said,1000 people are affected by gas leakage.Continous water sprinkling was undertaken to reduce the effect.CM Reddy announced Rupees 1 crore for each deceased(dead)person.Gujrat government also announced to supply Butyl Catechol(PTBC)manufactured in Vapi.

All About LG Polymers

LG polymers was established in the year 1961,by Hindustan polymers .From then only,the company produces Polystyrene used for making plastic materials.At that time,Hindustan polymers was a part of Shree Ram group.In 1978,Hindustan polymers merged with Macdowell and company.In 1997,LG Chem bought this company and this is how Hindustan polymers became LG Polymers.Polystyrene is used to make many plastic things used in food packaging.Due to lockdown,company was closed,but after some concession by government,company was planning to re-open.Andhra Pradesh Industry Minister M Gautam Reddy said that workers were checking the gas storage tank,when the tragedy happened.The real reason will be found after investigation.Whereas LG Polymers said,that there was 1800 ton Styrene in the plant and because of this high amount of unused gas due to lockdown and temperature change due to climate,auto-polymerisation occurred and the incident happened.The gas leaked out till the area of 5km surrounding the factory.People were advised continuously to apply wet mask on there face as styrene is heavier than air and melts when comes in contact with water.

All About Styrene

Styrene,is a type of hydrocarbon(hydrogen+carbon) colourless,inflammable material used in making plastics and rubber materials.Coming into contact with styrene a person could suffer problem in breathing,irritation in eyes.But further contact may also lead to Unconsciousness and affect central nervous system.According to police commissioner of Visakhapatnam,styrene gas is not lethal,until and unless taken in huge amount.Styrene easily dissolves  with oxygen,creating carbon monoxide in air,which leads to difficulty in breathing.Also,styrene can cause irritation in throat,leads to coughing,whistling sound in chest while breathing.A huge amount of styrene may lead to depression,pancreatic cancer and can affect hearing capability and vision.

May this tragedy gets overcome soon and everybody recovers speedly.

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