Chicken pox (Varicella) is basically caused by infection with the Varicella Zoster Virus (Double Stranded DNA virus).Its incubation period(the number of days its symptoms are shown up in body after getting infected) is usually around 15 days(upto 21 days).It is in the form of fine or huge pimple on the whole body,scalpe and palm,even inside the mucus membrane.Mucus membrane means the inside part of our cheeks of our mouth.Here are some causes,symptoms and cure of chicken pox.

symptoms and cure of chicken pox


There are two generally causes or ways of getting infected by chicken pox

Chicken Pox is transmitted from one person to another by air,where an infected person sneezes or coughs,the droplets from the patients lungs via mouth travels through air and infects the surrounding persons.Hence,it comes under highly contagious diseases.

Secondly,skin to skin contact can be another reason,which means direct skin contact of an infected person may lead to infect the other uninfected person.


Basically,this disease is caused in children upto 10 yrs.Only 10% are the people who can be any age group of 25,40,45 etc.Vaccines are available for both children and adults to prevent the risk of Chicken Pox.


Body pain,weakness,headache,decreasd appetite,rashes on whole body,fever are the symptoms of chicken pox.The rashes or the pimples on the body are initially filled with water,which converts into yellowish pulp after sometime.After 2-3 days,crust is formed over these pimples with itching sensation.


Patient is given some anti-viral medicine.For best results,this should be given within 24 hrs.Also,anti-piratic drugs are given for fever and some medicines to cure itching.But all the medicines should be taken by doctors prescription after proper clinical diagnosis.


At Public places,care of maintaining distance should be taken if a person with rashes on body is found.

Proper handwash to remove infection from hands,if any.

As it is a contagious disease,infected person should be kept in complete isolation,so that others may not get infected.

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